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Who do you think will win big boss? This is what we think!

Winner of bigg boss 13 is one of the hottest topics these days! The contestants are being loved and cherished throughout. The house started with multiple contestants but one by one each of them were evicted. Some even came back after being evicted and then went out once AGAIN! With all this drama going on, the most talented ones stuck by and are competing for the trophy with one another.

Who do you think is going to winner of bigg boss 13? We think there is extremely tough competition! Let us see which contestant has which qualities and assess who may win!

Arti Singh

Arti was considered to be weak by people inside the house. Everyone thought Arti might be the one who will be evicted by public demand. Arti herself felt like she will not be surviving and the other contestants will cross her in popularity. She was surprised herself that she was the one that gained so much popularity in the end! Arti is great in the house dealings. She interferes in everyone’s business but in limits, does not overdo it.

Mahira Sharma

Mahira is one of the hottest contestants in the house. She is known for her fashionable outfits and she is often heard making a fuss in the house with someone or the other. Her controversial friendship with Paras is also the topic of interest most of the time in the house or on weekends with Salman Khan. Mahira seems like a weak target and she probably is. She has so far survived by making Paras, one of the strongest contestants, to be her best friend.

Sidharth Shukla

Sidharth is the strongest contestant so far and has more chances of winning, he may lose only if Asim ends up beating him in that, which is also likely. Both of them are equally strong in the house and both of them are equally loved outside the house. The two have gotten more and more against one another over time but the two have also been the bestest of friends when the show began.

Paras Chabbra

Paras has had a great fan following from before because he has also been the winner of another reality show, Splitsville, before. He has been playing the love angle since he came in the house. He was first interested in Shehnaz, then he became interested in Mahira, and he is already dating someone outside! However he is one confident guy who started his game off perfectly but he has become a little weaker over time because his game is not as interesting as before.

Asim Riaz

Asim is most likely the winner or the runner up of the show. He is the person who has had some great game and seems like a genuine person in the show. He will definitely be adding some more spark in the show till he stays. His recent love angle with Himanshi Khurrana has also gained a whole lot of popularity. He has been honest in the show from day one about his outside life.

Shehnaz Gill

Shehnaz has added some good spunk to the show and is the queen of the entertainment element. We love her scenes in the show because we exactly know how much she will be making us laugh and how much she will be making others laugh in the house. Her sense of humour is so on point! There have been times when she has come off as being someone manipulative as well but that is the theme of the reality show itself!

Rashmi Desai

Rashmi has been one of the most unpredictable members of the show as some days she will be crying due to finding out something horrible about her boyfriend, and the next day you will be seeing her strong as ever! People have started liking Rashmi a whole lot over time because she definitely grows on you even if you do not really like her from the start, as during the start her game was boring and it only consisted of her fighting with Sidharth. Now she has joined the team of Asim in which there is only her and Asim!

The winner of bigg boss 13 will be receiving prize money of 1 crore rupees! WOW that is literally a huge amount. The contestants get participation money weekly as well which is always a huge amount.

Who will be the predicted winner of bigg boss 13?

It seems like Asim will definitely be the predicted winner as he has the right amount of looks, sass and game to make him win! He does have a temper problem but that is the only drawback otherwise he seems like a fair player. Fans love how he tackles issues in the house mostly without having any support whatsoever. He has often been taunted to the point that he has wanted to be slapping someone but he has always backed off.

winner of bigg boss 13

For the Asim fans, here are some pictures of the hunk for you! He has had a great modelling career and will probably be doing more when he goes outside the house since now he has his hashtags trending!

winner of bigg boss 13
winner of bigg boss 13

Asim has also played a cameo earlier in a Bollywood film once, for the ones who did not know this about him.

Asim is being supported and loved on social media. He has also joined Hrithik Roshan in the list of good looking men!

People think that he is a star in the making. He just needed a little push that he wanted and he got it from Big Boss!

Asim will definitely be getting the best of the best offers and we really hope this prediction is correct! There is a chance that if Asim does not win then the competition will be tough between Sid and Shehnaz when it comes to winning the trophy.

The funniest part is that Asim is the person who is being paid the lesser amount in the show weekly, in fact, the lowest so far! Yet he is bringing so much TRP to the show! While the contestant who was being paid the highest was evicted in the first week because he showed nothing important in the show and was in fact the one who got the least footage despite promising that he will be bringing a lot of space inside the house.

So what do you think? Is the winner going to be the predicted one or is it going to be someone else altogether? And if you were to vote, who would definitely receive your vote? The show is ending in just two weeks therefore if you have not watched it yet this is your time to try and catch up on what is happening on winner of bigg boss 13!

You will be loving the fashion content in the show as everyone dresses to impress. You will also be loving all the drama that takes place all day and night in the house! You can start off from tonight and your nights will be more interesting after a hectic day at work. Take our word for it! This show has been going on for years and each time it comes back with a bigger bang. From men to women, this show has been attracting everyone for sure.

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