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Which language should you be learning in 2020

2020 is a new year and with a new year come new resolutions. So how many of you have made a resolution this year that you will be learning a new language? A language that will help you shape up your future better.

Languages are not so easy to learn. However they definitely are a great source of knowledge. Most people are bilingual in this world while many know just one language.

Let us tell give you a list of languages that could be on this years agenda for you.


Chinese is the language of the future, if you may have heard this from many people. China is slowly making sure their names shines in the world. Their friendship with certain countries will make sure that job opportunities in China are open to different nationalities. So it is better to learn what they speak first, because this could be a huge barrier in case work opportunities in China increase with time.



Japanese language is a tough one but it is also one of the future ones. People will benefit a lot if they learn this as technology these days is JAPANESE!! But it is always good to understand their culture and what they speak. You can learn it in three months if you take a proper professional course.


These days French is being taught in schools a lot as French is easy to learn and at the same time it is pretty useful for the upcoming generation. There are lots of tuition centres near you that will make you learn the language. The French are super proud of their language therefore if you visit the country there is a high chance that they will not be communicating with you in any other language even if they know it. Therefore it is better that you know it by heart!


Like how it is in France, people in Germany are also super possessive about their language. They make sure that they do not speak anything apart from their own language no matter what the circumstances are. Universities in Germany also offer free education so anybody who wants to avail this offer should get to studying German ASAP!

These languages will not only be good for you they will be good for the generation after you as well as you can pass on these language skills to your kids too. Languages are easy to learn if you find the will and the time to make sure that you do not give up. As sometimes you may feel like giving up as well when it gets too tough and you feel like you’re too old to learn them. Well guess what? It’s never too late!

Give the effort your best shot and you will be there soon. Make sure that you’re learning from good sources. Make sure that you practice it all the time. That you make sure you’re not ignoring your learning for days on end.

Human resources online

Training centres teach people in quick short courses as well if they feel like the other person is in an urgency to go and find work in a certain country.

However it is always better to take your time because something that you do in a rush may not be as perfect as something that you concentrate on and do your best at!

Best of luck dear dedicated people. Be a part of the future!

Aleena Raheel

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