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What is your colour according to your zodiac sign?

Your zodiac sign says so much about you, believe it or not. It says about you what others cannot judge otherwise. People with the same zodiacs often have the same traits. They mostly possess the same personalities inside even if their personalities seem to be different from the outside. They have capabilities with other star signs too. Wow, right?!

All it takes is some research to know about each star sign. And we have done that! We wanted to find out the colour of each sign. And here you go with the outcome.


The colours of Taurus are earthy brown and pastel green. Taurus have a personality that is associated with a bull’s. However, their colours are lighter in contrast to that. The earthy colours suit them, and provide them with the perfect aura. Earthy browns and pastel green can really put out a style statement when worn right. They are colours that are so sober yet so chic.

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Aries is a fire sign therefore the colour it is associated with is none other than RED. Aries are fiery, they have actual fire inside them when it comes to living life. No other colour is better than a bright red one that will send an Aries on an adrenaline overdrive. Red itself is such a vibrant colour, it can look great on a night out on its own or when it is combined with black. WHAT A COMBO!



Peach is the colour that is associated with a Libra. Libras are know to be arty and elegant. They are soft people with soft and super duper attractive personalities. Peach adds to the elegance of a Libra, the light colour is truly magnificient. If looks good when worn in the form of clothes or makeup. You cannot beat peach!


Purple is the colour of the funny and loved Saggitarius. This sign will not let you down when it comes to having a blast! Purple is the colour most people love as well, just how they love this sign. Purple is a majestic colour, and can light up the room when used correctly.

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Virgo is a sign that is so level headed yet so out there. It is compatible with Aries despite being the complete polar opposite of an Aries. WOW! The colour of the sign is light blue. Light blue is such a pretty colour. Virgos are lucky to have it at their end! It looks great on babies, adults and in rooms alike. What a diverse colour it is.

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Charcoal Grey is the colour that is associated with a Capricorn. Well, it is understood as Capricorn is a sober sign, very hardworking indeed. Therefore a more official colour suits the sign! Smarter than most of the others, Capricorns are born leaders.


Turquoise is the colour of the detatched yet super observant sign, Aquarius. Aquarius will never let you down when it comes to style, and the colour that suits them the most is the most trendy one itself. You go, Aquarians!


Lavender is the colour of the sensitive and super loving Pisces. Pisces are literally the sweetest sign and therefore the sweet lavender colour represents it so well. Lavender looks amazing during daytime weddings when you wear it. Lavender lipsticks are also in these days!



Silver is the colour of the super emotional yet super aware Cancer. Silver is such a classy colour that perfectly suits this beautifully natured zodiac. Cancerians are actual gems! They are thinkers of the society.



Yellow is the colour of the bright-minded genius sign that Gemini is! Geminis are extremely smart, maybe the most intelligent out of all the signs. They are known to possess great skills.


Burgundy is the colour for Scorpios who are unforgiving if you ever seem to wrong them. They are great decision makers and will not flip once they have decided what they want.


So which colour is yours?


Aleena Raheel

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