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What are the meaning of different dreams?

Dreams are often our escape from reality. When we do not understand how to escape what is happening in our real lives, we often turn to our dreams and try to interpret them in the best way possible.

Worry less and try and recall your dreams more as they have hidden meanings that can help you understand your surroundings in a better way.

Let us tell you the meaning of different dreams.


If you see a mango in your dream

If you see a mango in your dream it could be two sides to the story. If you see yourself having a sweet mango then the story is as simple as this that you will be receiving some great news regarding something that you have been anticipating news about.

Eating a rotten mango in your dream means that you will not be receiving any good news in fact you are in some kind of bad luck and could be the recipient of bad news soon.

Falling off a tree

Falling off a tree means that the path you are on is actually not the right path for you and you should be soon switching from it if you want some betterment in your life. Staying on this path will not bring any betterment for you anytime soon.

A tree means hope in your dream. Unless you are falling from it, then it simply means you are doing something wrong in your life, probably the kind of goals that you have in your mind regarding your career or current relationship.

If you see a cat purring

If you see a cat purring it simply means that you are at peace where you are in life now. It means that recently you have gone through a rough patch in life but are now finally content and happy with your decisions and state of mind.

Seeing a cat means your creativity is working but it can also mean there is bad luck coming if the cat is aggressive with you.

Seeing a pin in your dream

Seeing a pin in your dream means that you will be double crossed by someone with whom you have had great trust relations in the past. You could be back stabbed by them soon.

To see yourself be pricked means that you may be facing little hurdles in your life but they will not be major big deals, just small problems that you can easily surpass.

Seeing snow in your dream

Seeing snow in your dream means that you have  been feeling lonely and alone lately. You may be feeling like no one is there for you when you need them rather you are always on your own whenever you feel you actually need someone.

Sinking in snow means that your feelings for someone are dying, which were earlier amazingly flourishing.

Seeing different colours

To see black white and greyish tones in your dreams means that you are simply in a low point in life. However seeing colours in your dreams means that you are in a happy phase in life and wealth plus lots of happiness are looking towards you.

Different colours have different meanings therefore if you see a particular colour, it could have a different meaning altogether.

Seeing a clown in dream

Seeing a clown in your dream means that you are being thoughtless in your decisions lately. You are being childish these days and are not thinking things through like an adult.

Seeing a clown can mean you’re happy the way you are in your life. That is why you’re not thinking much about your life lately.

Seeing that you are giving an exam

Sometimes people see that they are giving an exam even when they have graduated or our married with kids or even just married. This can be a strange experience once you wake up but this normal for people who have confidence issues. This dream represents low self confidence and low self esteem.

Seeing yourself becoming a parent

Seeing yourself becoming a parent means that new beginnings are on the card. You may be taking up a new project altogether. This is the basic reference.

However if you are actually about to become a parent then this dream is a sign of anticipation.

Seeing yourself die

Seeing yourself die in a dream means that you are about to leave old problems behind and create new memories instead. Dying is actually a positive symbol and not a negative one.

Dying can also mean you are facing some fear or anxiety in recent times.

Seeing a hungry person

Seeing a hungry person means that there is a problem that will be coming soon but will be solved by some assistance with friends.

Seeing a hungry person being fed means that friends will surely help in crisis.

Seeing a car accident

Seeing a car accident means that there is a chance you will be getting a disaster coming your way so it is better that you be aware of your surroundings constantly. It is basically a warning sometimes.

However it does not mean that you will actually be getting into an accident unless it is an intuition.

Seeing a mirror in your dream

Seeing a mirror in your dream means that it is time for you to reflect on yourself. It is time that you reflect on your inner self and see what is there that you need in your life to complete it? Maybe it is time to make a few changes in your life.

Mirror shows you yourself therefore this is a sign that you need to look within yourself.

Seeing yourself stuck in box

Seeing yourself stuck in a box means that you are getting bored of your monotonous routine and are looking for some thrill. It also means you have a lot of people around you. Despite the fact you are still bored.

If you see a person while music is playing

If you see a person while music is playing in the background then that means that love has entered your life and you are looking for some great romance with that person.

If music is playing and there is no figure in front of you then that means that love is about to enter your life soon.

If you see fireworks in your dream

If you see fireworks in your dream it could simply mean that you have certain repressed feeling inside you that you need to release. It can also mean you are about to face some difficulty in your social life and in your work life. It is not sure which of the two it could be.

Make sure that you know exactly what you saw in your dream so that proper interpretation can be done regarding it as proper interpretation can only be done if you actually know what you saw otherwise it is an invalid meaning and will be no truth whatsoever.

Dreams are the gateway to your thought soften so it could simply be a subconscious thought however most of the times it is a lot more than that. If you feel it is not just a subconscious thought then it is a lot more than that.











Aleena Raheel

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