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Top Trending Technologies In 2020


What is technology? The simplest thing that makes our tasks easier is technology. Even easier we can say that the invention of good things is called technology. Whether the technology is good or bad is a separate debate. We will not talk about it. This year we will mention just top technologies. I didn’t put any technology on top or bottom and you have to decide which one is outstanding. Now we start with.

1) AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.  In my view, if we look at this technology we are still in the Stone Age. We want to bring this technology to the level of the human brain. Will that ever possible. Of course, there are many companies working on it but why no results have been achieved so far. This technology is the greatest in every respect because the world will change.


Google Brain

Blue Brain Project


Operation Serenata de Amor

All the projects belong to Artificial Intelligence.

2) Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides you with on-demand services. One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is that you save a lot of money. Another advantages of cloud computing is that work is being done in accordance with information technology and you can save money on information technology. Cloud computing overshadows a large number of services. An easy example of this is Gmail. We will write in the next article about how cloud computing works.


3) 5G Technology

This is the fifth generation we have now. This is also wireless technology. It divides all the areas into smaller areas called cells. Range of Speed at the start  ~50 Mbit/s-2 gigabit.  Now we talk about the countries where this technology has come.

United Kingdom


The United States

South Korea


Samsung’s Mobile S10 is the first mobile to connect 5G.

The technology was successfully tested on August 22 in Pakistan and we got this honor in South Asia.

3) Big Data Technology

As the name implies, big data is there but we would explain it further.Now it comes with three types of data




This is very important for any business.  In the coming days it will change everything.

Examples Of Big Data

Social Media

Now what the Big Data is About? We have stated this in points





What are the benefits of Big Data we will look at this in the next article.

4) 3D Printing

There are thee dimensions in 3D.  It was invented in 1986 but the innovation comes from this century and it takes a lot of time to print. It is also known as additive manufacturing. Many large companies produce their own products with the help of this technology.





All these big companies will build their products with the help of this technology in coming days.

5) Hyper Automation

Here is the game-changing technology of days to come. The main reason for this is that artificial intelligence is playing a very important role and that’s lot different than regular automation. In the days to come, every small task will be done with Hyper Automation. These things are no longer limited to ordinary robots. With the help of artificial intelligence, this technology will replace humans.

Companies like WIPRO and INFOSYS are experimenting with this technology.




Kashif Ramzan

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