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Top honeymoon destinations for you and your better half

Your honeymoon may be the most special of your life. It is really one of a kind. Your experience with your spouse may form the basis of your marriage. If you had a great time, then you know your life would be great. If you had a tough time, then you know life could be tough for you. Make sure you keep an eye out about which place you want to visit because that will set another base regarding the start of your marriage.

We have chosen the top five honeymoon destinations for you. So you are sorted!

Which honeymoon destinations are best for you?

Your honeymoon destination should be one that will always have your heart. It should be just as beautiful as you! Here are the list of countries that are LITERALLY as beautiful as YOU.


Malaysia is the place to be, for honeymooners. Honeymooners are the most optimistic people, yet they can be the most stressed hoping that their honeymoon is one of a kind. Malaysia is one place where you will be totally stress free about your activities, as there are so many fun activities there.

Malaysia has beautiful amusement parks, lovely beaches, and extremely hospitable people. Malaysian food is so good. Your better half’s tummy will always be full and extremely satisfied! The serene peace there at their resorts is the best thing. But we repeat, the BEACHES are AMAZING!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place where you will find beauty inside and out. The people are so loving that they would be so helpful you will be shocked at their hospitality. They will help you if they see you lost looking for a place. They will help you if they see you are looking for transport. However, it is always better to stay safe and not take up any offers, but well they are all genuine people! And we are saying this from personal experience.

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful elephants and such good spas that you will be sent into another world. The beaches are clean and vast.

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Maldives will always be a yes when it comes to our travel dictionary! It is a place where you and your loved one will get too much time to bond and in a lovely environment. There will be places with good music, with some close knit people dancing their night away, there will be swings on the beach. OKAY WOW!

Maldives is also very safe with no criminal activities as such. Therefore, you should feel at peace at all times. Maldives is for couples who just want to see each other and no one else.



When we are talking about honeymoon spots, how can we miss out on the city of life? Paris is really the city of LOVE! Couples go there and they know their names are together forever now. As Paris truly touches everyone who goes there.

It is beyond beautiful and the night life is the BEST!

Mandarin Oriental


We are crazy for Bali. The resorts are a treat. The massages are therapeutic and it is the place to be for lovers of serenity. There is also the concept of chocolate massages in Bali, so WOW! Don’t we all want that?

We are advocates of the place so much due to its reasonable financial demands, and more services! It is inexpensive. Their reasonable resorts are so good you would think they are five stars for sure.

There are more places as well like these but these five are our top FIVE!


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