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Top five restaurants to visit this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has got us painting the town RED! As we all know the most favourite colour during February is and will always be the colour red, we have already decided what we will be wearing on the special day with our Valentine date.

Do keep in mind, it can be anyone who can spend this day with you. Your mom, your spouse, your sibling or your bestfriend. Each of them will have a special meaning to your life. Therefore Valentine’s is not just strictly related to your “love” “husband” “wife”.

Now that we know you are surely wearing red of the day, we want to help you decide where you want to go. And where you MUST GO. *wink wink*

Which restaurant is best for your Valentine’s Day outing?

Outing every day is not as special as when you are heading out on the 14th of February. It is the day when people just want to love and be loved. They want to feel at the top of the world. Spending too much is also not an issue, as this is your day to be spoilt and also to spoil the special person in your life.

These are the following valentine restaurant that will make you feel pampered and uber satisfied with their food menu.

valentine restaurant

Cafe Zouk

When talking about special outings how can we forget to mention the most special and favourite valentine restaurant of Karachi and Lahore? None other than the king of restaurants, CAFE ZOUK.

Zouk has a great variety of food. When you talk about Thai, Continental or even diet food, Cafe Zouk will be there to fill your tummy up with love and taste.

Tip: Do try out their stuffed chicken breast and you can thank us later!

Marco Polo (Pearl Continental Hotel)

Pearl Continental Hotel has a vibe that can turn the most sober of people into fun loving personalities. It has great restaurants and an ambience that is truly one of a kind. However have you realized how amazing Marco Polo is?

With multiple food options available for foodies inside PC, what really matters is Marco Polo and its environment. It speaks out loud to you. And the food really does speak to you. It is delicious beyond doubt!

Tip: visit PC and do not miss out on Marco Polo’s special juices and soups!

Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto is based in many cities across Pakistan and holds up a reputation of being a good restaurant with great staff and more importantly, tasteful and hygiene food options!

It has a scenic setting inside the restaurant and pleasant areas inside that make you feel like you are home but in a better one with better food! It has a homely and warm ambience and when you are with your loved one, it feels like special treatment and amazing rejuvenation from the every single day’s hectic routine.

best valentine's restaurants


Gaia has gained a reputation so good in Lahore that it is building it’s own clientele slowly that reflects upon it’s great service. The food and entertainment service that Gaia provides is outclass. That valentine restaurant has some class that we cannot even define. And when you sit there with your special one, you can forget the world. It is just you and your special one there. That is the effect of Gaia!

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Cafe Ox

You may not believe that this valentine restaurant is in the list of names because you may think this restaurant is not even heard of.

But based in Gulberg Lahore, this one is a great upcoming food spot and more importantly, a great spot for you and your love. The staff is overly accommodating and will guide you as to how you should set up the table for your valentine date. And well they will not just guide you, they will do it for you!


You must know of Arcadian, if you do not live under a rock! It is one of the best spots of Lahore. It is based in two areas of the city and is almost always full of people each time you visit. Therefore a booking beforehand is a must for the foodie Lahoris out there who are super excited for Valentine’s Day!

Bistro 201

Bistro 201 will be a great experience due to the fact that it involves a scenic rooftop! A rooftop that let’s you take a deep look at Lahore from the top. You see the busy lights, the moving cars and the people who look like ants from above. And you fall in love with Lahore once again so how about you take your partner there and fall in love with him/her once again?

Bistro is an old restaurant and has been in existence since long.

Tip: their dessert is the BEST!!

English Tea House

English Tea House has the best pastas and the best soups. These winters are more special as it is already so cold and already Valentines day is here. So having soup is a sure shot YES.

ETH will be the place where you and your loved one will have no one between them, except for a candle. And we bet you would not mind a candle!

Old Lahore

If you want to really get away from the basic Lahore life, then go visit old Lahore and we bet you would love the feel of the place. Go to Andaaz there or go to Sweet Tooth.

You can go to other famous valentine restaurant there too and the cold will be your favourite thing there after the food. The scenery is amazingly epic. You see Badshahi Mosque so closely! Who would not want that while having a peaceful dinner with their partner? There is music playing there, there is already love in the air over there!

If you feel like love is in the air for you and you want to express that to a special someone. Then the correct way would be for you to choose a place from one of these. If you need more budget friendly places, then bamboo union, nando’s, and yumm are great too!

We have also stated in previous articles about which songs are best for you and your partner. We have also stated about which budget friendly gifts you can buy or maybe even make at home.

Let this day be remembered by you and your partner. Make the Valentines Day of 2020 the most special day in your life. Make each moment count.

If nothing else, then flowers and chocolates can speak volumes about the way you feel for your lover one. Roses are a girls best friend and chocolates are a mans best friend. Show your partner that you know them well, therefore only get them something that they will appreciate rather than just giving them something to complete the formality.

The heart wants what it wants and you know your heart wants to make your loved one happy on this 14th of February. Grab on to this chance and prove yourself and show how much effort you can make for the special person in your life. This is your time to shine out!

Best of luck to the lovers and the ones who feel deeply. Peace out!

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