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Top five horror movies of all times

Horror movies are totally worth the adrenaline. Aren’t they? Horror movies make us crave them every now and then! Whether we are chilling with our siblings and parents, better half or friends, all we want to do is that we want to watch some interesting horror movie. And guess what. 2019 was full of really great ones!

However we have brought to you best five movies of all times. These top five movies are worth a watch if you still haven’t watched it.

IT: Chapter 2

IT was one of the best movies all of times due to the fact that it had a scary clown in it that caused people sleepless nights. Clown phobia is real. And some people are total victims of it.

Watching IT will be fun if you watch both the parts. You have to watch part one to figure out the sequel.

Here is the link to its trailer on youtube.

The Conjuring

The film that is based on true events gives the extra chills due to the fact that it is non-fiction. YIKES! It was such a huge hit amongst the public. There is also a report of one person having a heart failure in the cinema due to how scary the movie was.

Watch the trailer below!


Shutter is one crazy movie! The ending will leave you with goosebumps as it is so far the most scariest endings according to us. You will not be going to the washroom alone after that, LITERALLY!

Watch the trailer below.

The grudge

If you are a fan of the horror genre, you will definitely know of the classic, THE GRUDGE. Not many movies have been able to beat this one. The creepy woman in the movie is so simple looking in real life, but wow kudos to her acting of becoming a complete monster in front of the camera!

Watch the trailer here to appreciate the acting of the entire cast for making such a classic come to life! We are still fans of it years and years later.

The shining

The shining is another classic by Stephen King that will leave you wanting more once it is finished. The shining is an old film but none of the new ones have been able to beat it so far. It has a storyline, a great cast and a hotel. Movies with hotels automatically become more creepy, don’t they? They have a certain aura to them that not many can catch.

Motels and hotels seem to give off shady vibes in horror films and believe it or not how people are scared of clowns, some people are scared of hotels as well. No wonder creepy flicks always choose a creepy place where the main character has to stay the night.

Ever had a sleepless night at a hotel? Let us know in the comment below!

Till then watch the trailer of The Shining to see for yourself!

Start with one and in no time you would want to be finishing all of these movies. We are sure of the calibre of these hits. They are seen and loved by different generations for a reason.

However if you have a weak heart then it is better for you that you stay away from them as far as you can! As they really not are for the weak hearted but definitely for the adrenaline seekers out there who are always waiting for some thrill to strike them! What is life without a little thrill eh? So now take out some popcorn before you start the horror movie marathon! Have a blast.

Aleena Raheel

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