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Top 10 Hollywood movies of 2019

Here is a list of top 10 Hollywood movies that made their mark in year 2019:

10. Hustlers

Two dancers, and two single mothers needing to provide food for their families, after the 2008 crash, hatched a very illegal scheme to make money. The award winning director Lorene Scafaria’s Histlers is very good, lively and a funny sort of movie. The lesson this movie gives is that due to economic crisis children and women suffer alot as most of the financial systems are run by men.

9. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This movie has been made by Marielle Heller. It is a biopic of famous children’s TV host Fred Rogers. This movie tells us the story of an unlikely friendship between Mr Rogers and sour journalist. Veteran actor Tom Hanks played the role of Mr Rogers. This movie gives us the lesson that we have to give ourselves permission to feel everything in order to make peace with those things that threaten to tear us apart.

8. Dolemite is My Name

In this movie Eddie Murphy is the big star cast. In this movie Edie Murphy is starred in a low budget 1975 movie featuring a hustler named Dolemite. This movie is about ambition of fighting against all odds. In short it is a fantastic movie to watch.

7. Knives Out

The writer and director of this movie is Rian Johnson. It’s story is about the family fighting over the will of a mystery writer. Ana de Armas gives a great performance as the young woman, a nurse who also happens to be an immigrant. This movie is great fun to watch.

6. Parasite

This movie is directed by a Korean director. This movie is a comedy-thriller and is about a family who scheme their way into an upper-crust household. The more striking thing of this movie is the deep humanity. The main lesson “Parasite” gives is that the awful thing about life is : everyone has his/her reasons.

5. Little Women

Greta Gerwig’s alive adaption of Louisa May Aalcott’s evergreen 150 years old novel . It also cuts to the reason Alcott’s ideas still resonate: she knew how it felt to yearn for something more even you are not simply sure, what that more is.

4. Marriage Story

This movie’s story is about a married couple, in the midst of breaking up. This is Noah Baumbach’s most emotionally ragged movie, an acknowledgement that comprises aren’t nuisances that detract from life ; they are actually the stuff it’s built on.

3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In this movie Margot Robbie plays Tate in a small role but a very good one. This is Tarantino’s most detailed movie, filled in tenderness for a lost hollywood, and a lost era of filmmaking. Once upon a time in Hollywood is a must watch movie.

2. The Irishman

This movie is based on the story of a real life low level mobster who claims to have killed the one time president who disappeared in 1975. The Irishman is highly entertaining movie.

1. Pain and Glory

In anyone’s life there is so much time to do all, we want and need to do. In thos movie Antonio Banderas gives the performance of a lifetime as 60-ish filmmaker Salvador Mallo. Go for this movie if you are movies lover.

Ramsha Munawwar

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