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This is what happened in Mere Pass Tum Ho’s ending

If you haven’t seen the episode yet and neither have you heard of it, then this is the right article to click on. Let us tell you what the ending of the very famous drama Mere Pass Tum Ho is. The ending is extremely lame to be honest!

So in the last scene of the last episode they show that Danish dies. Yes Danish gets a heart attack and he is outright dead! Ever heard of a cliche ending? Well this is just that! The ending reeks of repetition!

Mehwish keeps missing him and Hania remains shocked. The part where you feel horrible is for the kid Rumi as you obviously know that none of this is his fault and he is sadly just a sad aspect of the drama.

Shahvar is obviously leading a life that he does not want but he has no other option. This drama has come into a lot of controversy earlier too due to the comments of the writer who wrote the story.

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But now this is crazy insane!

Earlier the writer had received backlash because the content was such that he was obviously considered to be a sexist man. This was because the dialogues often reeked of male privilege. That a man can do whatever he wants but a woman must not ever question him.

Hania (real name is Hira Mani), has also been a talk of controversy as she had earlier made a few remarks on a talk show with Sameena Pirzada. And in the show as well she is seen talking about a man’s importance, just how she was seen talking in the talk show. Therefore women all over Pakistan are not too happy and content with the actress as well in fact they are concerned about her thinking.

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The drama has been one of the most successful dramas of all times and wow is this not just amazing that it is the greatest dramas of all times! We have seen better dramas with bigger and better topics therefore this is a little shocking but well what can we say if the public really did enjoy it so much.

However we do wonder if the ending could have been a little different and let’s say better. Like they could have done something of the sort that could have shown that death is not always ultimate ending. Let’s turn endings around. Why do people only think of tragedy when it comes to memorable endings? We mean good endings can also be memorable! Why not!

People are reacting in various ways online. People are lashing out. The writer himself said that he had recieved a lot of backlash earlier when he killed the main guy character in Pyaray Afzal and now he is doing the same again. Therefore problem being that people are pretty upset at the ending he wrote once again. People were still not over pyaray Afzals ending!

Heroes dying in dramas makes the women really become emotional who watch the dramas because since the beginning these women are rooting for the couple to be together somehow.

Well what do you have to say about this ending? Tell us in the comments below please! If you have any other ideas as to what the ending could have been like, you may share them as well! Let’s figure out what have been a better way to give this show an ending.

Aleena Raheel

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