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This Indian actress will be starring in Matrix 4

This actress will be starring in Matrix 4 and she is none other than the uber pretty Priyanka Chopra. The actress has made her mark in Hollywood now and will be coming in Matrix 4. We cannot wait for this to happen.

Two decades later the matrix, fans were delighted with the much awaited announcement that producer Lana Wachowski will  be making the the matrix. Earlier the actors who took part and made the movie a hit wereKeanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett Smith. Well guess what? They all will be seen together again!

The beautiful Priyanka Chopra Jonas may be a part of Matrix 4 and is discussing this with Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow to be a part of the fourth installment of the blockbuster.


Once people have heard the rumours, social media is up with conclusions to see what role people will see her with. Everyone is wondering what she will be in the movie. Will she play a villain or what will her role?

When the contract finally takes place Priyanka will be a part of the franchise which has a new movie coming hopefully on May 21, 2021. This will be an amazing chance for Priyanka to showcase her talent even further. She is up for some great success! She has earlier starred in Baywatch and Isnt it Romantic. She bas even started opposite Liam Hemsworth and THE ROCK!

The Matrix is supposed to be an action movie that had people asking for more therefore the makers made many other sequels. People all over the world and different film industries have tried to copy the matrix but they still have not ever come close.

Chopra has previously been really good to the action genre. She has done films and tv shows, and she has played the lead in the famous show Quantico which got her a lot of appraisal in America and outside America. She will be starring with Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIJonathan GroffNeil Patrick Harris, and Jessica Henwick in case she does end up being a part of the popular franchise. Reeves, Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Lambert Wilson will be seen how they were seen in the movies earlier. But like we said we are just super curious about Priyankas role.

Chopra Jonas broke a record after she became the  Indian actor to be the main chatacter of an American series and she even got a People’s Choice Award for her work in the series. She appeared on TIME magazine’s coveted TIME 100 issue a few years back and was labelled one of the “Most Influential People” all over, and acknowledged to be included in the Forbes Most Powerful Women.

Well this is no new news to us. She really is so Talented. Her marriage to nick jonas has created a buzz all over because of her amazing love story. Her love story is also as famous as her career. People were so much interested in the matter of the couples ages however they did not care at all as they knew they were in love. The couple have a ten year age difference but who even cares? Its 2020 guys!

They have a very happy marriage and are often seen at events and functions where they are very much expressive about their love for one another. They ain’t letting no age cap come in the middle of their love! And according to the actress her husband is quite mature for her age so she has no issues with that at all.

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Best of luck to her who is seeing massive success and hopes to keep seeing it because of her hard work.

Aleena Raheel

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