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These ladies take the lead, bring the baaraat to the venue

Ladies these days are always up for trying new things. They exactly know what they want in life. They do things that make us go like YOU GO GIRLS!

The baaraat is usually a concept in which men come to the venue that the bride chooses and from there he takes the bride away. Fairytale wedding right? However these brides as turned the tables! They have made sure their baaraat is no typical baaraat. And that is why she has made it to the news.

What is different about this news is that there were two brides who rode on horses to get to their grooms houses. Now that is really something new! As women may have taken the Baraats but riding the horses with shades on is true swag! We wonder who gave the idea in the first place!

Check out this tweet that shows the real deal.

These Indian brides have set examples for people who believe that only men have the right to go all out and extra on the baaraat day. Well women can be even more extra when they want to be!!

Speaking to a newspaper the women revealed that the reason why they choose to pull off this stunt was clearly because they wanted to show the people that women and men have equal rights and they should be both treated that way.

Kudos to their husbands who surely have a great mindset too. I mean husbands are usually quite non supportive and usually can be fussy too still in this day and age. Isn’t it great to marry someone who accepts all your choice! Wow just wow!

The ladies were styled so nicely. Shades with wedding attires these days look so nice and chic. No doubt they are trending by the day now. We loved the looks of the brides and would look to see more brides with the same confidence and vigour.

After all your wedding functions set the place for how your later life would be like. Your later life totally depends on the fact that your husbands and in laws are not demanding during your wedding functions and let you be yourself as much as you want to be. With no filter at all!

These days things like dowry and all are senseless. These things should not be given any importance. What is important is that the girl is educated and that she is aware of her surroundings. Rather than her coming with a load of things but still being so outdated about worldly matters. Makes sense or not?

Marriage is beautiful and we should let it remain beautiful rather than creating other complications. It is time for some role reversal as well and we are totally loving it.

India is still backward when it comes to marriage. Certain practices are still practiced there therefore this particular step by Indian brides will make sure that the image changes a bit.

People have also reacted to this news in a healthy way. Some people find it hilarious while the others provide the girls with some good encouragement. They are loving the fact that such healthy news has finally come about otherwise these days bad news mostly dominates media.

Best of luck to the girls who know what they are doing in their lives. We bet their parents must have raised them in a way that they do not believe that they are liable to think of anyone else’s opinion. Right way to go.


Aleena Raheel

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