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These celebrities refused to enter the Big Boss house

Big boss 13 is going places these days with some amazing TRP that it is getting. It is one of the best shows right now on Colours TV. It has gotten some great TRP due to the fights and drama in the house this season around.

Even though fights and dramas are a regular thing in the house in every season. This one is different because the fights are so bad that you would expect there would be some physical violence but then there is not any.

These celebs are so interesting we love to see their antics. However there are certain celebs who refused to enter the house at all.

This is the list of those who rejected the show over a period of time.

Shiney Ahuja

Shiney refused to enter the Big Boss house. He said that people should stop pressuring him to be on the show now. Well it really is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Miss Malini

Neha Dhupia

Neha was offered to be on the show however she refused as well and she decided against it. Well she definitely has a better personality that we would love to see on a reality show 24/7.

Miss Malini

Karan Singh Grover

Karan was offered the show as well. He is no new person to reality shows. However he still hasn’t chosen to be on the show and neither does he seem to have any plans. He has appeared on this season as a guest.

Miss Malini

Surveen Chawla

Surveen Chawla is one beauty who we will love to see in the house. However she refused as well. Often people do not like to be under surveillance 24/7. It can be a hassle for people due to their privacy being completely compromised.

Mia Khalifa

Mia refused to come on the show. She was offered to be there from another country altogether. As people have to come to the show from different countries she would not have been the first one to do so.

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff did not think of being of the show either even though he was offered a place in there. He had no interest whatsoever. He is such a huge star that he does not have to be answerable to even say no!

Honey Singh

Honey apparently refused to be on the show because he was not offered enough money. He later also vanished from the industry for a while until he made a smashing comeback!

Uday Chopra

Uday refused to be on the show as well. He was like he cannot be on the show. He has stopped appearing in movies as well now. And he is always very vocal about his choices.

Kabir Bedi

Kabir would be a senior in the show if he did appear because he is so much older than usual people who enter Big Boss. However he refused point blank.

Prachi Desai

Prachi is such a pretty talented lady. She would have been a treat to see as a person when she would have opened up in the Big Boss house because in interviews she speaks in a guarded manner.

Well too bad for the ones that we did not get to see. However the ones we are getting to see are doing so so well. We are loving them totally.

Are you watching the show lately? If not then this is your time to watch and be baffled by all the drama that is going on!

Aleena Raheel

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