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The best apps to download if you are a foodie in Pakistan

Food is truly the best thing about being alive! Food is there for us no matter what. And especially when it arrives in the middle of the night, that is when we totally feel on top of the world. Foodie love can order food apps in Pakistan.

If you are a foodie love who lives in Lahore then you must know of these food ordering apps. And in case you do not, these are the apps that you need to download as soon as possible. Food delivery could not get easier than this. Check the list of food apps in Pakistan.

Food apps in Pakistan for foodie love


Cheetay is an app that helps you order food from any restaurant that you want. All you have to do is add your location and the rider will reach your house with whatever food item you order from food apps in Pakistan.[Cheetay]


Foodpanda will be there for you when you feel like your stomach will not stop complaining for a long time. It will be there for your stomachs rescue! Foodpanda also has great discount deals going on. If you order food for them you will be getting some great discounts.[FoodPanda]

Eat Mubarak

Eat Mubarak also offers great discounts from many restaurants. You will be getting timely service from the team. The riders will be at your doorstep in no time with your favorite meals! [Eat Mubarak]

foodie love


EatOye is no new name to this list. It is one of the finest and most reliable food apps. Pakistani foodie love and trust this one due to its longterm service.


This app will provide you with lots of food options and easy online order, just like the other apps. You can give your feedback on the food as well by giving ratings and reviews.


Tossdown will be amazing for the food lover living in Pakistan. There is so much detail and finesse in this app you will feel like you are sitting in a food court!

All these apps give you the option of online order, delivery to your doorstep, no doorbell options in case other people in your house are sleeping (you can stay in contact over phone), they provide timely services (may vary if weather conditions are not so great), have a complaint helpline in case you are not happy with any aspect of the service, give you the entire accurate menu to choose from, give you deals and discounts, celebrate occasions by discounting you, provide you with vouchers, provide you with promo codes and so much more!


You just have to download these and create an account on these. Ordering food directly from restaurants is now an old school way because now these apps are trending. These apps also have Facebook pages, insta pages and websites that you can access.

So in case you do not want to download it you can just access it on any other social media app such as Facebook or maybe even directly call them. For example, cheetay accepts your orders on calls as well, so does Eat Mubarak and more of them. However why choose the longer route when your order can just be a click away?

What are the benefits of food apps in Pakistan?

Here are the nine benefits of food apps in Pakistan that run an online business:
  • Makes the order convenient for the restaurant and the client
  • Good way of taking order because there are less chances of messing up
  • Your expenses are being properly calculated
  • There is not a lot of capital needed for the marketing
  • Data is kept safer
  • The convenie
  • Be more competitive in the market
  • Expansion of business made easier

The food ordering and food delivery food apps in Pakistan are made from mobile apps because the business for on-demand food delivery is growing. The mobile apps help to attract new customers, retain existing ones, grow business and drive revenue.

The concept is increasing with time and as much as the technology is becoming better with time, this is the perfect opportunity for small startup to create their name in the food market. Food is such a necessity that any business that works around it is hardly going to fail.

If anything, these apps are partnering with the most top-notch restaurants.

These apps are mostly in every Pakistanis phone now! Are they in yours yet? Let us know in the comments below!



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