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Pure Milk won't increase Children's' Weight unnecessarily

Pure Milk won’t increase Children’s’ Weight unnecessarily

Including Pakistan , everywhere in the world mothers feed their babies with canned milk. Canned milk is dangerous for kids as it is impure and is not good for their health. We all know that milk is very good for our bones and health but the milk we consume should be in the pure form.

Canadians specialists have discovered that the babies who are given pure milk right from their birth, the chances of putting on fat decreases. Those children that drink best milk, their chances of putting on extra and unnecessary weight decreases by almost 40 percent. Kids who drink pure milk lead a very healthy life.

According to the latest published report in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, under the supervision of experts, connection between babies health and cow milk was carefully studied. On this matter 28 different studies were noticed. About 21,000 Children from 1 to 18 years were present there. Keep in mind that pure milk or complete milk means that all necessary and natural ingredients are present in equal and fair proportions.

Throughout the world fattiness is increasing day by day and it is more prominent in developed countries. Also it is found in rich families of under-developed countries. Importance of milk can’t be ignored but many parents become the victim of advertisements and they start giving skimmed milk to their kids rather than pure form of milk. In skimmed milk the proportion of necessary fat is very less.

On the other hand keeping in view the defeciency of calcium in many females, such type of milk is available in market that has higher calcium in it. But such milk is still very short of ingredients necessary for human health. Research done in Canada proved that the children who drank pure milk right from the start they are living a very healthy life and they are not over weight. Also both their physical and mental health is extremely good.
Some of the research says that the reason of fattiness in children is pure milk because of too much fat in it but it is completely wrong statement. Yes, pure milk contains a large proportion of fat but that fat is natural. Natural fat is never the cause of fattiness. On the other hand research also proved that cow milk is very good for children health. The kids who were given cow milk, their physical and mental health was way better than the children who used canned milk.

Although pure milk has more fats than any canned milk but still is very good for health and bones. That has remained mystery for a very long time. Research has been done on this debate however more work is needed to be done.

Ramsha Munawwar

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