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Popcorn caused a man to have a heart surgery and here is why

Popcorn is really the best snack when there’s nothing else to eat while binge-watching some television. Netflix and popcorn go together like us and entertainment!

However, popcorn ended up damaging this man so badly that he had to get heart surgery because of it.

Gums are very sensitive, more than you can imagine. A 40-year-old man from the United Kingdom had a piece of popcorn stuck in his gums. When he tried to get it removed, he caught an infection that ended up affecting his heart.

The man had to get open heart surgery to manage this problem. Wow, infections are really unexpected. They can just turn up anytime!


Martin was adamant that he will not be having popcorn again. After this experience, anyone would be scared to ditch their most favorite food items!

He had even tried to use a nail to take the popcorn out of his teeth! Well. That really is a bad decision to even think of. You should never experiment with a stray nail as it can really cause you a hell lot of trouble later. It can give you infections that will literally be so threatening to your life that you will be surprised beyond belief.

The basic reason for the man’s condition was Endocarditis which takes place when your bloodstream is affected by germs. These germs can cause you to form Endocarditis.

Popcorns themselves are harmless but now all the lovers of the harmless snack have to be careful while eating them and then while taking them out if they are stuck in your teeth. Floss them out. Do not use a material that could be risky for your body.

Flossing helps you get rid of food in your teeth. It comes in the form of a thin thread or threads that will lead to extracting the unnecessary items out of your teeth.

Flossing can also help get rid of plaque which can form over a period of time when flossing is not done properly. Plaque can lead to further rotting of the teeth.

Therefore dentists always recommend flossing each time to their patients. They make sure their patients don’t only brush intact they even floss their teeth. This is a routine that people have to maintain every single day.

After brushing and flossing, thirdly, mouthwash is very much necessary as well to make sure that the mouth is free of all kinds of bacteria. Bacteria can create different mouth diseases but yes it’s true that they can cause life-threatening diseases as well.

Martin’s case will remain a unique case in the history of popcorn lovers. One hasn’t seen such a case in the longest of times.

Remain vigilant at all times. Your mouth often signals you with certain signs. Bleeding of the gums, bad breath and sores should never be ignored. They can lead to bigger issues before you even know it. Best of luck, fellas!




Aleena Raheel

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