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People who have siblings live longer so here are some celebrity siblings for you

Siblings are the perfect companions in your life. They are simply not just your worst enemy sometimes they are also your greatest strength.

Well is it not even better that having siblings is linked to living a longer life. Special and more stronger bonds with people help you have a longer life expectancy by at least seven years.

This is the kind of gap that you see between the lives on smokers and non smokers.

And it is also true that if you’re the eldest out of your siblings you may be living the longest.

It is all about your luck at the end of the day! But this is what science says.

Having a sibling can make you selfless and less selfish due to having to care for a human being or human beings so much. You are more empathetic that way.

Having siblings will also rest your mental health out as at all times you will have a confident with whom you can talk and solve your issues. They boost your confidence big time.

Siblings may keep you engaged with their drama but they definitely also keep you physically fit.

To this good news, we must celebrate! We have brought to you five sibling celebrities who are so fit together!


Did you know Taylor Swift has such a cute brother? Well now you know! Are they not so fit and happy together?


Emma Watsons brother looks like the male version of her! This is actually funny. They both have such beautiful and delicate features which are making us go all heart eyes at them.


Penelope Cruz has a sister who looks even better than her. Now this is something! She can easily give Penelope a run for her money. As simple as that!


Nupur and Kriti Sanon are two beautiful siblings who are so pretty and so lovely. These two are the perfect example for a sisterly bond example. They travel together, they party together and now they are also in the same industry! How does that sound?


When talking about siblings how can one forget the super duper siblings kareena and Krishna kapoor. The two are so gorgeous and are the epitome of sisterhood.

Siblings can get on your nerves but at the end of the day you cannot let anything person say the same about them. This is why sisters are always the ones u look up to and brothers are always the ones you turn to.

These bonds help you grow up and then they help you grow in the world. The world can often seem mean and it can often seem to be turning against you and this is when your siblings can be the shadow that protects you and never let’s you down.

Always know that siblings are your parental figures each time you feel like your parents are not willing to listen.

People who have siblings feel less lonely and feel more confident in social situations. Having friends and all is great but at the end of the day siblings are the ones who are by your side when you land yourself in some major trouble. So say yes to love and definitely say no to sibling rivalry!


Aleena Raheel

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