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People are taking selfies with this teenaged married couple

Who knew that getting married can turn you and your spouse into an overnight star? After all this time that people spend on delaying marriage, they may be wondering if they should have gotten married in their teenage years in order to become famous. Funny, isn’t it?

Two teenagers fell in love with one another and decided to make their bond stronger by marrying in a beautiful ceremony.

Tictok star Zarpash Khans younger brother is facing love and lots of jealousy. They are receiving negative comments and love at the same time from Pakistan and from other parts of the world where Pakistanis are settled.

The younger brother got married to his love who is also very young. The both are just 18 years of age. It is rare that people decide to marry one another at such a young age.

At first the young couple was badly trolled and the reason being that boys all around were feeling jealous at how the lucky guy is marrying a beautiful girl at such a young age.

Asad and Nimra are very much in love and are totally up for leading the best life. They both will be going abroad and studying further together as they both are at the age when a person does their a’levels.

The couple is now going places due to the popularity they have gained after marrying so young. Even though this is nothing unique as this is not the first couple to get married so young but there is definitely a lot of curiosity that surrounds the couple.

What this means is that the couple is being probed to talk about their experience because people want to know how and why they decided to marry so young, they are curious about their thinking process.

The couple is being stopped on streets and is being asked for pictures. People on the road are taking selfies with them because they want to show others that they have met the young girl and boy in real life!

Nimra and Asad are just like any other normal teenaged couple. They love to dress up and love to talk to one another and have some privacy. However privacy is the last thing they are getting these days.

Watch an interview of the couple who seems to be well coordinated in matching yellow clothes and Asad clearly seems to be on top of the world that hes married to such a lovely girl. Same goes for Nimra shes so happy about marrying such a confident boy.

Asad was majorly trolled on social media however he remains content and says at least he is happy unlike those other people who are just sitting and judging on social media.

This interview is here due to courtesy of Urdu Point!

The couple seems to be carefree and does not seem to be affected by any kind of trolling as you can see in the interview. This is really the spirit of how it should be!

Zarpash Khan had put up this video on her tiktok account and from there it went so viral that today her brother is so famous.

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