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Pakistan- The Jugular Vein of China by Pir Pinjar Sarkar

Pakistan- The Jugular Vein of China by Pir Pinjar Sarkar

Pir Pinjar Sarkar said that this country came into being on the basis of Qalma and is sacred like Qalma Tayyaba. So the ones who want to demolish this beautiful country will themselves be wiped off from the world. While addressing to people visiting to Astana Alia Qashqai Shareef Pir Pinjar Sarkar said that prosperity of our beloved country doesn’t lie in parliamentary system but it is truly based on Islamic System. Unless a killer is not hanged right in front of everyone and thiefshands are not cut justice can’t be served and our country can’t make any progress.
Pir Sarkar said that coming few months are very important. In our country the way to Islamic Presidential System is being made smooth.In next four years every politician will be jobless. Pir Panjar Sarkar also said that due to Islamic System importance of Pak Army and Army Chief will get increased.
He said that on December 31, 2016 he predicted separations inside India which proved to be true. India will be divided into three different parts in the third decade of this century. He said that movements rising from inside of India will be more severe than the ones in 1947 were. Current government can’t be turned down by any kind of movements. In 2020 Imran Khan’s government will be a stable one and Pakistan will do progress. Pakistan’s ex-minister Mian Nawaz Sharif will not return to Pakistan in 2020. Whereas Marriage Nawaz Sharif will also go to his father and Shahbaz Sharif won’t be able to handle party matters. He added that Noon League will be divided and Zardari’s Peoples Party will no more survive.
World has changed now alot. Pakistan is also about to change now. The chances of mid term elections are very minimal. Before Pak-India war India-China war will take place. China will beat India so badly that Pakistan will conquer India. 19th century belonged to Europe, 20th century was America’s whereas 21st century is Asia’s. Coming 18 years are decisive for Pakistan. Anything can happen in these years. That will be a yes or no situation for Pakistan. The couds of third World War are getting darker and darker. Soon it is going to be rain in the form of war. There could be war at any stage in the third decade of this century.
Missiles are about to be gotten fired on America, England, France and Israel. Russia will destroy England by firing Atom Bomb. Pakistan’s nickname is Madina Sani. Islamic elevation will start from this Pakland. Pakistan’s future now seems to be in the hands of herb experts. Water of Attock’s river also seems to be change it’s color to red. Khyber fort needs to be guarded now. Pir Pinjar Sarkar also said that in June 2017 he predicted that Indian Prime Minister Modi will be killed by Indian people and later on they will accuse Pakistan of his death. He said that after Modi’s murder there will be severe confrontations on Indo-Pak borders. But victory will only be Pakistan’s.

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