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Pakistan Fashion Trend of Medium Shirts

There is a tradition of medium shirt in Pakistan nowadays and this practice is quite common. In the days to come it will have plenty of demand as it looks so beautiful on medium body. Nowadays it is a matter of who wears what good and lasting things. Just as clothing is given a special importance in the rest of the country, so too is their good demand in Pakistan. As we also mentioned in our first article,fashion trends every fashion in Pakistan falls under the trend of provinces. The custom of such shirts also depends on the environment and culture. No matter where you are but what makes you unique is your dressing. If we look four years ago today, there was the practice of short shirts and some people used to dislike this practice. As seventy percent of Muslims in Pakistan are settled, such a short shirt shows the body in prostration. So we also have to look at our religion to see if what we are wearing is valid for us or not. This is a requirement of the time to change you over time. If not, you may be tagged as ignorant. Let’s talk a little bit about why medium shirts are traditionally made.

  • First, it does not allow your body to be exposed during prostration.
  • They look great on a medium body.
  • You get such shirts at every quality and every brand in the world makes such shirts.
  • The reason why they are worn in Pakistan is that everyone is capable of wearing them.
  • Medium shirts are practiced in all the universities of Pakistan.

One of the reasons for wearing them is that

they are readily available. You will find the design you are looking for. Everyone tries to wear something rich but whatever the dress, it reflects your character. So the time to come will tell just what we look forward to this year. We used to look at boys and girls medium shirts.


These are some medium shirt designs that every girl should know.

  • Cigarette Pants
  • Bold and Bright Colors
  • Mixed Prints
  • Hand Made Embroidery
  • Sindi Embroidery Suit
  • Cape Shawl
  • Golden Silk Top
  • Bloze Velvet Embroidery


These are some medium shirt designs that every boys should know.

  • Hawaiian Style Leisure
  • Slim Plaid Printed Blouse
  • Swet Shirt


Kashif Ramzan

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