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Nail trends to look out for this year

Our nails are never out of fashion. During weddings, during hangouts or just during a conversation that is happening with someone face to face, more often than not people look at our nails first.

They want to see if we are taking care of them enough, whether if we are hygienic enough and whether our attention is on our nails at all. You can be majorly judged with these tiny details which you may think are totally unimportant.

Well, good news for you there are so many nail trends to follow that you can actually try out. You can easily be the person who has always their nails on point. All you have to do is be in on the different nail trends these days. Let us tell you which are the most happening kind of nails these days.

French Manicure in Gold

French Manicure in white is very famous and is the ultimate classic trend since years. However now the latest is gold in french manicure that is making waves. Gold on the tips and then clear nail polish as the base looks so chic these days. Try it out!

Mismatched nails

Mismatched nails are trending so much lately and the reason is that if you’re confused what you can do is, simply choose whatever nails you want to choose and colour them differently! Because more often than not we are confused about which colours to put. What is better is that you choose many different ones and mismatch your nails.

Python printed nails

Python printed nails are trending big time! This print is so in these days when it comes to pants, shoes, bags and all kinds of fashion. It is a great new fashion and people all over are going crazy for it. Well python print has reached nails as well. The print is awesome on nails!

Constellation print

Constellation print is in as well these days and the best trend when it comes to nails. We love it and so will you! It requires a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of talent. This will be a difficult one but once you get it right it’s the most happening trend!


Marble nails

Marble cakes are yummy and marble nails are hell trendy. They are so chic and shiny. They look like a whole lot of hard work but are actually very easy to make.

Here is a tutorial for you!

Marble nails look so good. Like the actual marble that you walk on!

Nails with rings on them

Nails with rings on them are trending so much. They are the new in thing as well. Accessories and rings for your nails look like some grand nail art that you have gotten. However they are accessories and are easy to slip on when you’re in a chipped nail colour emergency!

Nails with stones on them

Nails with stones on them are perfect for a person who likes some bling and some shine along with some simplicity. Such people love the vibe of simple stones on their nails. Yay for them!

Nails with nail colour on half of them

Nails that have half colour on them and no colour on the other half. How does it sound? Crazy right! We guessed so! But crazy in a GOOD WAY! This particular shade is so amazing. It is making us go just WOW! Midnight blue and some stars and moon.

Nails with double colour for french manicure

You will not get this trend unless you see it and understand it properly! Well here you go!

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Now you get it right? A double shade for a French manicure! Wohoo! Looks great!

Nails with coffin shape

Nails with coffin shape have been trendy since a few years now but they do not lose their charm and that is because they are so good at how they look. They seem sharp yet chic. They are different and not boring at all! What do you think?

Nails that have glitter and gel on them

Glitter and gel nails are so in. Glitter and gel on top of it can give you a feeling like there is glitter inside your nail. Yes!


People are these days using gel nails more often as they harden your natural nails a lot. Using gel on your nails means your nails will not be breaking for a long time.

Ombre nails

Ombre nails are two shades blended together so well. Ombre lips are even really the trend to look out for however we are great fans of ombre nails.

These nails look good with all kinds of colours. However white and blue, red and black are a special combination!

Nails with human faces

Nail art that involves human faces is so in these days. People often want the drawing of their special loved one on their nails. Or their favourite movie character, or their favourite singer. There are endless options to be honest!

Nails with pets face on them

Girls these days are becoming so obsessed with their pets that pet faces are making their way into the nails of pet lovers. Woah! Well pets do have a special place in hearts of pet lovers. We would totally agree!

Nails with flags on them

As the world is getting more and more patriotic with time, people are getting flags made on their nails and the same colour combination that their country’s flag consists of. Love it or hate it, this one is trending!

Nails with hearts

Well for this one, this trend will definitely be up and about in the month of February and the reason is that valentienes day is right around the corner. And why not? Is this not the best way to express love for your better half! This is what they will see when they hold your hand.

Nails with mirror reflection

Chrome nails can show you your own face they are that shiny. And they are loved by the women who love some shine in their life! The women who are the little miss sunshine!

Nails with alphabets on them

Believe it or not nails that have alphabets on them are super in too. One nail has A written on them while the other one has another alphabet. You can get an entire name written on your hand like that!

So now wait no longer. Start from trying out the first trend and do not give up until you find your ultimate favourite. Sounds great? Go for it! Tell us in the comments what you think of our different styles of on point nails. We have given you so much or choice you may think some are bizarre but well not all of them are. Some are beyond fantastic! Some are easy to make while some are super difficult to make however they all are unique in their own ways.

They are all great to try once in a while. It is also important to give your nails some rest once in a while. Do not go too rough of them, nail art lovers! Take care of your nails like you take care of your hair or skin. Best of luck!

Aleena Raheel

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