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Lets take a look back at the best fashion statements of 2019

Fashion is a way of perception. Everyone perceives it in a different way. What may seem eye-catching for some, may not be as appealing for the other. It is all about mixing and matching, and not caring about the world. Dress up the way you want to! So when you look back at your fashion choices, you feel like you’re on top of the world. *wink wink*

The year that went by saw many hits and misses when it came to style statements. However, let us show you which ones made the mark. Take a moment and appreciate the best of the best.

Which style statements will be remembered

It will not be easy to forget these trends that emerged in 2019. We wonder if they will find their way back in 2020.

Neon Turtlenecks

Neon colour was totally in when it came to 2019’s choice of clothes. Turtlenecks found their way into being the favourite style to experiment with neon colours. This style statement was personally our favourite as well.

source: thetrendtopper                                                            


Denim on denim was the style statement that will remain unforgettable each time someone will discuss the year 2019. We saw various fashionistas wearing denim jeans along with a denim top or jacket.

source: pinterest      

Personalized hairpins

Personalized hairpins took 2019 by storm. They made women feel like they do not have to be kids to wear hairpins, it is everyone’s right to experiment with whatever hair item they feel like putting on! Whether you select to recognize yourself as a boss, women’s activist or a star, these gems will keep you looking a la mode and smooth if you want this style statement to follow its way into 2020.

Source: Trium jewellery

Puffy Headbands

Headphones found their way into every fashion-obsessed girl’s life in 2019. Bands with bows and ribbons on them were oh so in.

Source: Huffpost
Source: Huffpost

Snakeskin print

Snakeskin print saw the best of its days in 2019. It was considered to be the most different style of the year. Women wore snakeskin boots, jackets, bags and much more. We personally loved the snakeskin style statements! Given that the print was of snake’s skin but it was not actual skin of an animal, which we would think is animal abuse.

Source: pinterest

2020 brings with it more trends and is so far thriving as a stylish year, but there is a lot more to see!

We are honestly nostalgic about 2019 as it was a brilliant year when it came to looking chic and on point. The fashion games of celebrities were worth a look. The colours were bright, when it came to makeup or clothes. People were less judgy about style in the past year and were more accepting. We have been hit with majir nostalgia. 2019, you will be missed!

Aleena Raheel

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