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Kim Kardashian has a walk-in fridge!

We have definitely heard of a walk-in cupboard but this is the first time we are hearing of a walk-in fridge! Kim Kardashians showed netizens this new discovery and well we are guessing each and everyone wants it now.

See it for yourself and really, it is huge! Has everyone’s dream come true huh?


People are wondering why she needed to show off her fridge in the first place.

In the interim, the fridge is truly fair a monster purge room with one single rack and a solidified yogurt machine!

It all started with a photo she posted in front of an almost-empty fridge that got everyone buzzing about what the family actually eats at home. But it turns out that’s just the front refrigerator, as Kardashian West went on to explain in a series of Insta stories

Her fridge had such goodies in it that we are open mouthed. Drool worthy things are making us feel like we need that fridge in our lives ASAP!

The bottom line being, in this day and age when there is so much poverty in the world, would this be a good step by an influencer? Well, we wonder! But the truth is that such things are common these days on the internet! So to each their own!

This is not the first time an influencer has shown the good life to people. That is the normal Insta norm now! Everyone seems to be living the high life but who knows what the truth is?

Byron Denton, a London-based vlogger, once acted to be super duper rich and famous and tried to gain popularity. Well, guess what, he actually did gain it! Not surprising at all actually, because these days that is how it is. Dont judge instagram by its cover. People just post fancy photoshopped pictures and people believe it oh so much! So yeah do not believe everything that Instagram shows you!

Social media these days and ruining the purpose of awareness as now it is all about showing off your money rather than it being about showing off your talent in any way whatsoever. It is somehow not fair to the ones who have talent to showcase but they get overshadowed by lots of money.

Social media does have its pros and its cons for sure. The cons being the same number as the pros. However, people these days start feeling conscious about their lives when they see people are living so much to the fullest.

Well, all you younger lot, keep your heads up high and do not belittle yourself because of this.


Aleena Raheel

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