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JF-17 Thunder Block-3

Pakistan is a great country. We will explain here why this is so great .Pakistan became independent but the forces that erased it also come into field. Nothing was given at the time of independence and efforts were made to withdraw what was given. Yet we fought against our enemies. At the time of independence, we had nothing but madness. Over time, our enemies have also increased. When your enemies are high, you need weapons too. That’s why we thought of building our own warship. Pakistan made JF thunder.

We saw the features of this warship in 2019 when this plane dropped an Indian warship. These warplanes are made in partnership with Pakistan and China. JF Thunder flew its first flight on August 25, 2003 and Pakistan has built more than 126+ warplanes. Its engine type is Turbofan. I wont’t mention all warplanes here. Today we will just look at JF Thunder Block 3. Now we will talk about their units and their costs.

Block 1
The total cost was US$~25 million.
Block 2
The total cost was US$ ~28 million
Block 3
The total cost was US$ ~32 million


  • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
  • Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group

Block 3

Block 3 took its first flight on December 15 and this successful experiment took place in a province in China. The name of this province Sichuan. Some more updates have been made to this aircraft. According to the Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan the warship will made part of the regular air force in 2024.In the coming days the ship will be able to compete with Mirage. And it should also have an IRST system that will be installed in the future. Why we need it is a separate debate. Maximum speed will be ‎~ 2 200 km/h. So far this is the only information that is visible. As more information comes in, it will be included as well. If you know anything more, please email us.

NOTE: There is a chance of error; if you see any errors please email.

Kashif Ramzan

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