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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may be remarrying one another!

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may be marrying once again, as the rumour mill has exposed! The two are single and have left their respective significant others. They both had remarried after their divorce. Brad had married his long time girlfriend and mother of his kids Angelina Jolie. While Jennifer had married her boyfriend Justin Theroux.

Before the other significant others came in their lives, Brad and Jennifer were the perfect couple that was loved so much by their fans. They were both great looking. Both had personalities that could light up rooms. And more importantly they both were oh so in love with one another!

Jennifer and Brad met in 1998 and soon they got married in the year 2000. They were blissfully married for five years until problems started arising in their blissful marriage. They parted ways in 2005 and soon after Jennifer filed for divorce stating irreconcilable differences between the two. The two were with one another for five years during which they were seen to be extremely happy and they were so made for one another.

The two did not have children together but they decided to make the most if their time alone as a couple. And not to forget, they both were great at their field!

The reason behind their divorce was never really discussed but nothing remains unknown when such a high profile couple getting divorced. Therefore it is said that in 2004 Brad had been introduced Angelina Jolie, an actress who was known to be the most beautiful and who was not married at the time.

When Brad and Jennifer made it public news that they are getting divorced people knew Angelina may be the reason behind the breakage of the happy marriage however nobody said anything until soon afterwards the news materialized itself in front of the public. In October 2005, Brad and Jennifer’s divorce was confirmed and some time later Brad started making appearances with Angelina who was clearly around since long.

Angelina and Brad started making public official appearances and started off as being called a couple sooner than soon. Brad was so in love with Angelina that he showed no signs of being in love with Jennifer ever. Angelina and Brad even adopted children together and soon had their own. They married years later in a quiet ceremony when Angelina wore a dress that had her children’s drawings embedded in it.

Brangelina was now the hashtag that was totally trending and people had gone out of their minds. Jennifer then met Justin and married him. The two later divorced.

Before the divorce of Justin and Jennifer, there was another news that shook people. Brad and Angelina had left one another.

Here is a picture of the two in happier times when the two just seemed to have eyes for one another while Jen was hurt and disappointed in her love for Brad.


Jennifer and Justin broke off their marriage when they realized they are not compatible enough to be living together. Soon after that Justin moved on to Selena Gomez but Jennifer seemed to be great with the fact and she showed no signs of grief

USA today

Now people were rooting for the fact that Jennifer and Brad will be getting back together. And now it seems like their hopes may be coming true due to the fact that for sure the two have been speculated to be marrying once again! But let’s see how much true this is because there is no statement yet from either of the two ex lovers.

Jennifer and Brad were recently seen at an awards function where they had a great time greeting one another and they shared pleasantries. This was also an unusual sight for people who had not seen them being civil with one another since the longest time even though they were known to be good friends after they left all grudges behind. Jen was there for Brad after his divorce and he was there for her after hers. That’s how cordial they were with one another.


The sun

There is no harm in reuniting when you know there was love once. Maybe there will be love again between the two people. Love is mostly never lost. However Angelina has blamed Brad of being a toxic person. According to her she does not want her around the kids much.

Despite the fact that Brad was shunned by Angelina it seems like Jennifer will be by his side as told by a good friend of the two they have both been spending time together and maybe even spent some time at Jenns mansion but who really knows the truth?

Brad’s mom is even super impressed by the fact that the two will be getting back together. It may be happening for them but the mom is more excited and is surely under the impression that it may be happening after all.

At this time of speculation let’s take a look at a few pictures of Brad and Jen together so we can recall exactly why we love the idea of the two cuties!

This one reflects their perfect image together as the two look so perfect and on point every single time. They were both into each other so much at one time that people wondered if true love even existed when they parted ways?




Jens friend believes that even today she is completely in love with him because she never truly got over him however she moved on because she was hurt by him. Something that any woman would do when she is in space of grief and hurt. However now that the two are alone again the love is most likely to resurface.

Brad and Jen even share the same stylist! How cute is that? Well that is a surprise for you too right!

Jen herself does not have a history of so many affairs however Brad has a great history of affairs. He was dating Gweneth for years before he started dating and married Jen eventually. He always gets super attached to the women he dates and then his relationships crumble soon after.

However the ex couple won big at SAG awards and maybe this is a sign that their good times have started again. Maybe they needed the right push. Brad had earlier gone into depression big time when he was left alone by Angelina however now he must be feeling better that he is winning in awards and maybe at life if Jen decides to come back.

This is the year that will prove it is the time of love if the two lovebirds make this announcement. A real life couple recently got back together after being divorced for 31 years and isnt that a complete inspiration for couples all over who think they deserve any chance at love? Well maybe it is your turn! Try your luck!

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