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Ishq Zehnaseeb is a must watch from start to finish

As much as Pakistani dramas that are not even as interesting, are getting the hype, we are feeling agitated. What is up with the drama industry? A drama serial like Ishq Zehnaseeb is getting no as such hype at all! When it is in fact one of the best drama serials ever aired. Amazing, isn’t it?

Ishq Zehnaseeb focuses on the life of a girl who is the wife of a man with a split personality disorder. Simple as it seems, it is the toughest task in the world! Imagine a husband who is yours but not yours.

Let us give you five reasons as to why we are obsessed with this serial.

It highlights several social issues

It highlights issues that are socially not discussed. For instance issues like rape, mental health, acid attacks, selling women of the house to pay off debt, handicapped people’s state of minds and so much more. This drama had love and romance alongside all these other factors.

It highlights the fact that money cannot buy you happiness

Even though the main character was so rich, he still no sense of peace due to the condition of his mind. He had a traumatic childhood which made him the way that he was. Children are soft and they need all the care and affection. They are weak hearts after all.

It shows you can fall in love twice

The characters in the drama serial fall in love twice showing the fact that life always gives you a second chance at love. You may fail or you may succeed, but love is always there somewhere.

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Do not give up on something you believe in

The main woman character played by Sonia Hussain does not give up on her husband till the end until he is in fact cured or is in control of his demons. Life is hard but catch the lemons it throws on you.

Society talks but you should not care

Society will always talk. However you can ignore it or you can be affected by it. Either ways you should consider yourself the top most priority in your life. If you want to be with someone who is socially not so acceptable, you take your stand because that’s the person you want to be with! Log kya kaheingay is a concept that should now be extinct for all the right reasons.

The social issues represented in the drama all at the same time are so great. So many issues have not been represented in the same drama ever. The way they all fit in together did not have to show them as being forcefully fitted into the script, in fact they all came so naturally. All the actors were so brilliant and the way Zahid played the character of a person with SPD is the best you will come across in Pakistani dramas.

Mere pass tum ho has been receiving so much hype. However we are confused as to how it is the best drama of all times when Ishq Zehnaseeb exists. I mean there is no comparison guys. This is the drama that should be played in the cinemas to spread awareness a about mental health. That it is no taboo topic anymore!


Who agrees with this stance? Let us know in the comments so more and more people can become aware of this phenomenal work. We are definitely looking forward to more of such work. We cannot wait for such dramas to progress amongst the public so people actually going through such problems get some encouragement. It is about time guys.

Aleena Raheel

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