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Is Sweden the right country for living?

Is Sweden liveable? Hell yes!! There is no doubt about how much you can benefit by being a part of Sweden, be it alone or be it with your spouse, you will be getting so many benefits that you will be thanking your lucky stars for sure.

People are flocking to the country so badly. Everybody knows the people there are so kind and loving, there is an immense feeling of peace there as there are no unrests ever, there is a culture that you will enjoy and that you would love to explore for sure. You will be loving how everyone minds their own business and would not care about what you are doing in your life, in a negative way we mean.

Here are a few thing you need to know about sweden.

They love coffee so much

Their citizens love coffee like anything. Coffee is a part of their life and they will often be seen hanging out at spots that have the fav drink of all times! Coffee! They feel closer to one another this way and well who does not like having a heart to heart talk over coffee?

In winters you will freeze but in a good way

In winters you will literally freeze but we mean in a good way because otherwise they have all the facilities that make you warmer sooner than soon. However it can get really cold there and you may be seeing the cold weather more often than not.

It gets busier in the streets sometimes and sometimes lonely

Sometimes Sweden can get so lonely and sometimes it gets so busy. Some cities are always looking their they are having their rush hours and sometimes it gets lonely there in some cities because people usually mind their business so much that you may not make friends.

They have very reasonable universities

They have reasonable universities when you compare their universities to other countries and their fees. However their standard is also great so they have done a good thing by keeping fees low in many universities.

They give the visa easily

There is not much of an issue when it comes to visas there. You can apply as a student and get it easily to study, at the same time you can apply as a spouse and get it easily, it can be given easily on work visa and there is so much more.

There are not many documents required that are tough to arrange. They are in fact simple documents.

They do speak English if you talk to them in it

They do speak English with you if you use it with them so that is not really a problem. There is no as such language barrier in that case. Even though it is better if you take courses as a lot of people are seen doing that.

International students take courses to learn their language so that they can find better opportunities.

Students can work while studying

Students can work while studying there as it is so easy for students to earn money there and maybe even pay their own fees. They can work part time as well. Part time jobs can pay well there as well. Jobs are definitely jobs and they have a whole lot of dignity at jobs there. They do not treat you based on your jobs. After all everybody is trying to put food on their table!

Homosexuality is legal there unlike in most of the countries

Homosexuality has been legal there since decades now, and same sex couples have been able to adopt since . The country was the first in the world with freedom of the press (1766), and is at the top of global press freedom rankings.

Swedish accept all religions

Swedish people accept all religions and there are no issues related to that. There is no racism against any race and people are definitely not targeting one another for sure. There is no bullying of any colour and there is peace all around.

It is so safe you will be surprised

You will be surprised at how safe the place is. Sweden is so safe especially if you go there from a country that can sometimes be really unsafe for the people there. That is when you realise how great it is to live in a country that is as safe as this one!

Sweden has everything in order

You will never face a problem in Sweden regarding something not being in order or not being perfect. They live for perfection and make sure that everything is working. From trains to walls, nothing will ever be damaged and nothing will ever feel like it is not running properly. So wow, this is how organized they are! Kudos to them!

They have great work lives

They provide extremely comfortable work lives. There will be no such complications that you will be complaining about. Your work life will be as chilled out as anything. You will be deciding your own vacation dates and that is saying something! Nobody interferes in your work and asks you irrelevant questions.

Study abroad

You can easily travel the rest of Europe

Since you will be a part of EU once you are a citizen of Sweden you can easily decide to travel to the rest of Europe and is that not the most amazing point! There is an entire list of countries that should be on your agenda now. At some point you can decide if you want to move on to another country in the EU permanently.

It is a country with many social benefits

It is a country that has multiple social benefits. They will give you so many benefits you will get a feeling that you are living in Canada! That is how amazing they are! They give people a whole lot of incentive to come live there. Because they do have less population as of now but they are growing like anything.

They will be rude sometimes but once they are friends, they are great!

They are great when they are friends with you they can be amazing friends however otherwise they can be a little rude!

These are some of the pros and maybe some cons as well of living in Sweden. However the question is, what is it that you want from life? If Sweden is it for you, then go for it!

Aleena Raheel

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