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Himanshi Khurrana and Asim Riaz's

Is Himanshi Khurrana and Asim Riaz’s love a phase of rebound?

Big Boss 13 has been given the title of being the most watched show on Colours TV right now. The show has contestants who have gotten more and more popular after entering the reality show which makes different celebrities stay in the house for months without staying in contact with the outside world. Interesting, well yes for sure!

One great factor about the show is the love story of Himanshi Khurrana and Asim Riaz. Asim has gotten to the point in life where he has declared that he is oh so in love.

How did this love story begin?

Himanshi entered the Big Boss house as a wild card contestant. She did not have much support from other members as she had entered the house midway while others already knew one another well. Therefore Himanshi started bonding with Asims group a lot as her bonding with the other group was not much in fact she was bullied by them to the max.

She was always discussing her boyfriend Chow and revealed she was with him for years and will probably marry him when she will be outside the house. However Asim was clearly falling for the punjabi girl!

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Himanshi was however not liked much in the house due to her not being a very vocal person and she was soon eliminated from the house. Asim was still in hopes that he would go outside and talk to her however there were rumours that she is all set to get married now to her boyfriend Chow who is not a very social media oriented person and there are no pictures of him that are very public.

In a twist of turns when Himanshi left the house she and Chow broke up due to her stint with Asim and Himanshi was left alone outside while the guy madly in love with her was busy playing the game inside but missing her immensely. Big Boss saw the equation and made Himanshi enter the house once more by being Asim’s connection.

Asim ended up proposing the beautiful woman, who declared that she will only properly say yes once they are outside and she sees his actual love for her.

While Salman Khan stated this weekend that this is a clear case of nothing but a rebound act, Asim and Himanshi think otherwise. Salman even questioned Asim on whether there is a girl already outside who is waiting for him, on which Asim replied that no he has already broken up with the girl. Himanshi also cleared out that she knows about the girl that Asim had in his life and now she is no more in his life.

Who was Chow?

Chow is still not know properly. Nobody knows what is his real name as Himanshi loved to call him Chow.

This is the only known picture of the man and Big Boss has revealed it in a scene. It is not a very clear picture and does not give a clear idea about how the guy looks but he seems like a good looking guy!


Everybody in the house is giving their own view points on the matter. Sidharth Shukla claims that this is all just a facade and the group was seen talking about how Himanshi was so loyal to her boyfriend and now she is all about Asim.

What does the public say?

People believe that Himanshi is ruining the game of Asim as now he is all about her. All he does is concentrate on her and according to some people he is making a joke out of himself because Himanshi clearly does not return his advances. She is very clear about the fact that she needs to see him outside first. She even confided in Rashmi that she is not sure whether if Asim is the perfect one for her because people have warned her when she was outside.

Asim however maintains the fact that if she has left Chow, he will totally take all responsibility and marry her because he loves her.

However Asims fans are concerned about a comment that Himanshi made about Asims proposal. She said that it was a very filmy thing to do and she found his proposal kind of dramatic. Well that says a lot about how Himanshi feels for the proposal and Asims fans are feeling weird about it! Obviously the fans can see all kinds of conversations that are happening all around during the show. They exactly know what’s up and what is not. But at the end of the day their relationship does not seem like a rebound at all. If anything, they seem to be in love and Himanshi even said I love you to Asim over the weekend ka waar episode.

Salman Khan grilled the two to the core so much that finally they both gave in and Himanshi admitted that she is in love with Asim while the other contestants of the house just laughed it off.

This is how how the relationship is going for the two as of now. But who knows what happens once they exit the house? Once Himanshi leaves Asim will be alone again. And maybe then his game improves or in fact dont you think hes getting more screen time right now?

Asim seems to be one of the top two! Paras was earlier tough competition for Asim however now it seems like Paras has lost of game and Asim is the one bringing more and more to the table more often than not. Paras is only doing everything that involved Mahira and he is not bringing any spice to the show. The only time he brings any drama is when there is a topic of his girlfriend and Mahira that goes on otherwise there is only blank space.

What matters the most is that Asim seems happy when he is with his lady love otherwise the housemates keep him pretty much agitated and irritated. He is only himself when he is with her, in fact the happiest and sweetest that he has been on the show with anyone at all.

This is what true love looks like therefore there is definitely a chance that the two are really in love and this is not just a publicity stunt to gain more fans. They already have so many fans they would not need to pull off this stunt to gain more fans. Otherwise contestants who do not have any fan following often pull off these stunts. Isnt that how it is?

Himanshi is currently fighting for Asim and trying to make him win. She is trying each and everything in the house to make sure her beau comes back with the trophy. But who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments section. Our comments section is waiting for you! Are you following the show and if you are what do you think about this love story? Is it true or is it just a facade? We hope you agree with us because this love seems true and yes it is possible to even fall in love with someone at first sight so this is only natural.





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