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Tips to Pass CSS exam :

CSS exam as is known to be a game-changer in underdeveloped countries as Pakistan therefore, this exam is no less than a gamble and if we keep the statistics of its success rate in mind which is 2.03% in 2020. We eventually will have the idea that passing the CSS exams is not a piece of cake. Therefore, in this work, we will analyze all the right ingredients to cook a perfect recipe for passing the CSS exams.

 Before jumping to the tips, let us examine the factors which put an influence on the success rate in any test or examination, especially the CSS exams. To be running in the race of CSS one must-have.

  1. Good Schooling.
  2. Working Stamina.
  3. Clear Concepts
  4. Goddess of Luck by your side.

Suppose a person had a strong schooling background where he/she had training in a competitive environment. This training will help a person achieve the desired goal because he/she won’t be having panic attacks of competing with hundred thousands of candidates and will focus on its destination instead of wasting time into worrying.

Second, comes the working stamina: if someone is willing to take CSS exams in the near future, one must be aware of dealing with tireless study hours since CSS exams require 10-15 hours of non-stop study. It must be evident that CSS is not for the lazy cows but the hard workers, therefore, the habit of hard work must be innate in an individual.

Thirdly, the aspirant should have an aptitude for learning. He/she must be hungry for knowledge regardless of the time, place and the person. The candidate taking the paper must learn the art of conceptualizing the ideas and not cram the given material for the paper. Since CSS exam evaluates your ability to perceive things and put a suitable solution for the problem that is why one must rigorously explore the root of an issue which is the only way to cope up with a problem.

Finally, LUCK plays a vital role in your success or failure in the exam because there comes a time where, despite many efforts, one remains unsuccessful. Although hard work is the only key, luck too has its role in determining the future of a person.

While exploring the significant influencers in the result of a CSS exam, we saw that luck too is a determining factor in the success. Still, it is just another perspective which can be tackled with the proper technique and the tricks. As it is said that one should work smart rather than harder and if we follow this motto only then we will realize that to turn the favour of Goddess of luck into your favour we must know the right formulas and the tricks.

After doing brief research into thematter, I have come up with the following tips which may prove to help achieve distinction into the paper;

One must be clear into its goals about life since CSS exam is a gamble which may not be won at the one go. There is a possibility that you face failure at your first attempt, but you do not have to lose faith and be persistent, which is possible only when you are clear into what do you want. If the goals are clear, then its worth dying for and the failure in the first attempt would not be that much destructing. You will try until the last effort and win eventually if you are clear and persistent into your choice.

Although setting a clear cut goal is the primary need, but the selection of the subject also matters. Since it is the first step into a practical strategy plan to pass a CSS exam and not only pass but it can also earn you a distinction which could in the shape of topping the exam. Sometimes, aspirants choose the subject with the consultation of the family members or some teachers which are of their choice (the one who is being consulted) and not of their personal aptitude. Therefore, they remain unable to grasp the essence of the subject, which results in failure. That is why it is essential to choose the topic of personal interest to have a better command over the issue, and this command will help in scoring more marks than the other candidates.

After the selection process, comes the time allocation, which is the next step into the ladder towards the destination. Since CSS is not an easy thing to pass, and it requires a lot of energies and dedication; therefore, it is crucial to allocate a minimum of 10 hours reading a day. One must be very strict towards himself in terms of following the time table and should not miss any of the slots decided for the study hours. Make sure you have a room with proper light, and air ventilation and no one could disturb you during that period. Make a plan first where you know how much time you have for the preparation and then divide time with every subject differently. Also, you have to allocate a specific time duration to a particular subject. Start with the difficult subjects first by assigning maximum to the difficult most subject and move to the easier one afterwards because they will require lesser time and energies.

From setting the aim to the selection of subjects and making a time frame afterwards now, we are moving towards a more difficult thing which is CONCEPTUALIZING! We, the aspirants while preparing to try to cram and memorize everything which comes to our way, which is a bad practice. It would be best if you try to grasp the essence of the topic but developing a logical sequence of it which works step by step. If you built a logical chronology, it would not be difficult for you to learn that question. Besides, you must exactly know how to choose the material. One must not be reading everything which is being suggested by the people but to evaluate the credibility of the source and then start reading. It will not only save the time but energies also which may be utilized in grasping the core concept of some other topic.

After getting through all these steps when one is almost done with the preparation, you must test yourself with a different practice or mock tests. It will help you to realize where you are lagging behind and which areas need to be worked on. Make sure that you have an experienced person to evaluate your practice who may highlight your strengths and weaknesses in handling a question.

Next and final step is to sharpen the language skills because command over the English language will surely earn you success in the CSS exams. Precis and Composition paper of CSS is a hallmark when it comes to top the CSS exam. Therefore, it is highly suggested to work on language skills. You must know the techniques to write logically with proper use of sentence structure and grammar; also, you must be aware of the use of punctuation.

With all of these ingredients and following the process, you are all set to pass and even top the CSS exam. Bonus! We have one more tip for you, which will be helpful during the exam time, and that is; divide your time equally for each question and according to the marks allocated. Before you start writing, brainstorm your ideas and then start writing. Make sure you have 10-15 minutes after you are done with the paper so that you may review your paper and make corrections if needed. 

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With this recipe, we hope that you will surely win a place in the successful candidates. I wish you good luck.

Rana Amanullah

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