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How can you be impressive on chat?

A persons personality can be reflected on a chat more than you can imagine. Meeting face to face is great but the way you can show yourself and your thinking on chat is really something.

Some people are not as talkative face to face but if you are a guy or a girl who is looking for some ways to impress their loved one on chat, then here are a few ways for you!

Be yourself

Literally this is the best someone can give you for starters. Be yourself and do not lie to make a person be impressed by you. Make sure you are being yourself and telling them the complete truth about you! This is how people are impressed the most. When you do not lie to be someone else just because you can come off as being better. You are the most better version of yourself!

Reply on time

You must reply on time when you are having a good conversation with someone on chat. Do not just go missing all of a sudden and appear the next day. If you want to keep the conversation flowing you have got to make sure that you are there for the other person and talking in a flow rather than keeping them waiting. So yes you have got to be punctual.


Take interest in their interests

Take interest in their interests and make sure you are asking them questions rather than just talking about yourself. No one likes listening to just the other person talking they do want to be heard and asked questions about their lives as well because that matters a great deal.

You can ask simple questions like what they like to eat and whether they like to work out or not? Be creative!

Do not ask them for pictures

When talking on chat it is essential that you do not ask them for pictures or anything because it is not ethical to keep their pictures in your phone or laptop.

Make them laugh

We mostly sit and chat when we are bored and we want to distract ourselves that’s the perfect time to chat isn’t it? That is when we want to talk to someone who has a good sense of humour and makes us laugh rather than someone who ends the chat with a dry ‘K’. Make sure that you keep the conversation flowing in a lively way and make them laugh for a while. Laughing is the key to bonding with one another!


Say good night every single time

Do not forget to say good night. And also try to wish them a good morning. Saying the two are very important because it means you have thought about the person during the day and then before you sleep you have given them a thought. That is clearly a sign that you both are on one anothers mind!

Share interesting facts with one another

Once in a while it is important that you share some interesting facts with them in the form of memes or in the form of links maybe. You can also share links of your fav food recipes that you both would try together some day or something cute of the same sort. This is how it is.

This way you two will get to know another better. This is the right way to impress one another!

Do not message them at odd hours when you know they will get disturbed

Do not message them at odd hours when you know they will be sleeping or they will be busy. If they will be doing something and will be a little busy then there is no point of messaging them and making them feel uneasy. Because they will have to reply to you. It is better that you chat with them when you know they are comfortable.

Do not talk about major topics on chat

Do not talk about major topics on chat that could not go in your favour. If there is something that could make your tone go off in chat then make sure you call instead. Tones can hardly go off on phone calls and seem offensive even when you are not being offensive. Therefore it is better that you call when you want to talk about something important.

Impressing someone on chat is about having ettiquettes and being a genuine person. You can find out about a person by getting into their mind during the first few conversations.

Use emojis

Emojis are a special way of communicating your way of feeling to the other person. You can often make sure that the emojis that you use reflect your pleasant mood. Is that not a better way to communicate? Emojis make you a more pleasant person automatically and attract the other person to talk to you.

Customize your chat window

Customize your chat window with the favourite colour of the person that you are talking to. If it is purple then make the window purple and if their favourite colour is yellow then make it yellow. Making it the colour will seem super attractive to the person and will make you also like the conversation with the vibrant colours.

Make working hours clear

Make working hours clear and make sure that you do not confuse your working hours when telling them because they should know what time you are working.

Double check your messages

Double check your messages and make sure that you do not send typos and they can feel like you are not paying attention to your messages that you are exchanging with them.

Make sure your grammar is perfect

Make sure that your grammar is perfect and is not looking bad because that can be a very big turn off for grammar nazis!! Grammar is very important in a chat.

These are the perfect tips that will make anyone be impressed by you easily. Make sure that you are not giving mixed signals to someone you like. It is always better to be clear with people.

If someone likes you back these are the tips that they will be applying for you as well in the conversation therefore look out for these signs!

These are the most important factors that you have to look out for. These factors lead to happy conversations and make the other person know that you are engaged in the talk with them and are looking forward to continue it.




Aleena Raheel

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