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Here is why Deepika Padukone is being slammed online

Deepika Padukone is being majorly judged and her actions are being scrutinised. Well what has she done? Umm. Let us tell you! Deepika asked a makeup artist to create a look from her upcoming movie Chappak. The look was of an acid attack victim. Deepika gave a TikTok challenge to a makeup artist called Faby.

In the video, Deepika asked a makeup artist to do do the looks of her three very famous movies.

Faby recreated the looks while an upbeat track played in the background.

You can watch the video below.

This attracted major criticism from people who think this was a baseless and insulting challenge.

A chemical burn occurs when someone throws acid that comes into contact with skin. That instantly burns your skin. A chemical burn gives you a very hard time and doesn’t heal. Several surgeries are needed to make the skin look better. But usually it goes in vain.

Deepika’s film focuses on the life of Laxmi who was attacked by a jilted guy, who wanted to be with her but she rejected him. He threw acid on her in spite. Laxmi is now an activist and is trying her best to spread awareness regarding this menace. Laxmi was of just 15 years of age when she was attacked by the culprit who was much older than her.

Laxmi later found love in a fellow activist. The movie Chappak focuses on the struggles of Laxmi who is still stronger than ever despite whatever she has been through.

You can see the link below to understand the story a little more better.

Deepika has taken a huge step by highlighting this issue which is a major menace of the society and still is very much present. It is something that should have been brought up way back. And kudos to Deepika for bringing it up FINALLY!

These days movies are all about romance and drama and hardly do we see a film that is less based on upbeat tracks and more based on a topic that should be talked of.

Deepika is not acting in the film but she has also produced the film this time. It is great to see the talented actress as a producer as she aces whatever she tries her hand at! Best of luck to her!



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