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Here are the doppelgangers of multiple celebrities

It is really true. Some people really do resemble other people and they can be hard to differentiate from. That really is how it is. There are so many doppelgangers of so many celebs that we often see and it is hard to really guess who is who.

Here we have brought of list of look alikes to you, OF YOUR FAV CELEBS! Have a look.

Daily Moss

Shahrukh Khans doppelganger will really have you confused. He looks just like him there is literally no difference. Obviously the only difference is their overall style. Shahrukh is definitely the stylish one!

India times

Now it is Emraan Hashmis turn to grace the stage of doppelgangers. Well his look alike is even wearing the same shirt as him. We mean copying has gone to the level of TOO MUCH! That expression is definitely Emran’s as well. So yes.

Gulf news

Akshay Kumars doppelganger is really him. That is what it seems like. That is him with a hat on! He looks so much like himself. Wow! However the two are the same age as well which adds more to the factor. Definitely.

India times

Priyanka Chopras look alike is none other than our very own Pakistani model Zallay who has an uncanny resemblance to the superstar. They both are famous however there really is no comparison of anyone with the uber successful and stylish Priyanka.

Laughing colours

This actress is a look alike of the beauty Deepika Padukone. Well in case you are confused, the one on the right is the actress who is the look alike. These is a south Indian actress who seeks to have the same looks and well isn’t she lovely? Definitely!

India times

Somebody is definitely so lucky that they are the look alike of Katrina Kaif. Katrina is the symbol of style and beauty and being her look alike must be so lucky! What do you think? Tell us in the comments!



Well omg this is the best thing ever! Looking like Ash. She is a stunner and has a personality of a true diamond. So yes we are loving this new version of her, her doppelganger. Her doppelganger is literally HER!


Sonakshi’s lookalike is so much like her we are in total awe after looking at the eyes that are a complete copy of Sonakshi’s. Her eastern look totally matches hers. And wow nature works in weird ways!

Fashion trend

Parinitee Chopras doppelganger is none other than a famous actress who resides in Hollywood! Well Parinitee is definitely famous and her doppelganger is even more famous than her. That face really is going places!

There are more celebrities as well who are linked to various other people however it is all about luck as those people cannot be as famous despite having these same looks. It is more about the charisma and how you carry yourself.

There should be more lookalike competitions in the country. There should be people who should be coming forward with their looks in Pakistan that match those of these celebs because most of the doppelgangers are none other than Pakistani people! We should be given some credit for that!

Tell us what you think about the resemblances. We think they are uncanny and these are results of years of research. Then all of a sudden one picture goes viral and finally the look alike is found! Our comment section is waiting for you!



Aleena Raheel

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