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Here are some double chin reduction exercises for you

We have brought to you some amazing double chin exercises and well guess what? They all work! And they all work wonders in such less time you will be like WHAAAAAT???

Double chin is quite a problem and it can ever occur to people who are in fact very skinny. It really can occur to all kinds of people with all kinds of weights.

So do not think you are going to escape it sometime in life! It really does come with a BAM and surprises you. Oh well!

So what can you do to get rid of it? Let’s find out!

Pop xo

What are double chin exercises?

Well there are many exercises that help you lose some fat on your face.

Use a ball under your chin

Use a ball under your chin, make sure it is in its place and then what you have to do is very simple, just push your chin down against the ball. Do it a few times until you feel tired. This can be helpful in reduction of the double chin that is bothering you to the core.

Chew a gum

As simple as it sounds, chewing a gum can have the same effects on you as any other exercise will. This will help you keep your mouth and jaw as active as ever and you will be getting some activity without putting in a whole lot of effort. What a win! So buy a pack of gums and chew away!

Whistling when you are looking up

Whistling while you are looking up at the roof has great effects on your double chin. It may sound silly but it is a great workout for your neck. You have to look at the ceiling and whistle. Whistle so your neck muscles feel a little stiff for some time. Repeat this exercise a few times for sure to see maximum results.

Smooching the sky

Looking up and making a pout like you are kissing the sky can actually help your double chin out a whole lot more than you think. Make sure that you kiss the sky for a good few seconds until your neck muscles feel some kind of strain or contraction. That is the best way to make the most of this exercise.

Take your jaw forward

So while you are just looking at the roof with your back straight and your head up high you can put your jaw forward a few times. When it feels tight then take it back. Otherwise put it forward again, repeat this routine a few times at least.

Stick our tongue out for 10 seconds

Stick your tongue out for 10 seconds in each rep. Put your tongue out as far as possible. Until you feel that your neck and jaw are contracting. Then simply put it back inside after few seconds. Repeat this exercise for the tightening of your chin and jaw.

Improve your posture

Improve your posture when you are sitting and especially when you are on your phone. While using our phones we often drop our chin to the point where it starts coming in the category of bad posture for your chin and neck. Make sure that is not the case if you want improvement in how your chin looks!

Put certain oils on your chin and neck 

Certain oils like olive oil or like coconut oil are great for your skin. Follow a routine for your neck and chin that will help them firm up. Moisturize tone and hydrate your skin to the max. Once you are past the age of 21 it is a must for you to hydrate your skin at all times. Do not take your necks skin for granted as it can lose its elasticity in no time at all! Keep it firm guys.

Join yoga

Yoga classes may help you in maintaining firm and youthful skin that will make sure your skin is saved from further hanging and further ageing. Yoga keeps you youthful and active. Go for it guys!

Start going to gym

Doing some high intensity workout at the gym will help you burn face fat too as soon as possible. Make sure your face is not the target of laziness.

Change your diet

Change your diet if you have too much oil in your food. It may mean that you are eating unhealthy food that is making your face puffier over time.

Get yourself checked if the double chin persists

If the double chin persists despite you taking several measures then definitely this is a problem that is internal rather than external. For example, kidney issues, sinus issues and other problems that are threatening to your health can cause loose skin around the face therefore it is better you get yourself checked if your skin is unnaturally sagging around the chin and neck.

Get facial massage

A facial massage helps you a great deal with drainage of fluid from your face and chin side. Your blood circulation improves and it can get rid of your double chin sooner or later if you keep trying it for some time of course with few other exercises as well.

However the facial massage needs to have certain kind of techniques that are professional and that actually help your jaw and neck. Not just some pointless massage that does not help you one bit.

We have given you multiple options that can improve how your chin looks. No one likes to see a double chin when they look in the mirror however you should know you are either ways rocking and looking lovely! No one is forcing you to get rid of that double chin however it is healthier for you and better for you in the longer run.

Here is a video by pop xo that will guide you with visuals of some of these exercises. Watch this!

Now that you have seen what exactly is needed to get rid of the chin, go on and try the techniques one by one.

You can do them the same way as it is shown in the video. Make sure that you do not do it any differently otherwise these could have adverse effects as well. What you need is some time alone to get some piece of mind and then try these out to your convenience.

It is important for you to take care of your neck as double chin occurs when a layer of fat cannot be sustained by your neck and it just drops the layer. Then it looks like you have two chins.

This could be genetic or this could be just done by carelessness. However the best part is that you can fix it. All you need is some patience and some time to give to your daily routine. Have lots of water to hydrate your skin. Water is the number one thing that helps you with skin elasticity.

Your skin makes you or breaks you. If it is looking good then you are good to go otherwise it may effect your mood. Is it not so?

Best of luck dear readers! Make sure you are taking care of yourself and beating that double chin as soon as possible!




Aleena Raheel

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