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Hareem Shah is married having a daughter ?

TikTok Star Hareem Shah is married and has one daughter. According to the details, in a website report it is written that on the previous day Hareem Shah’s Id Card and passport pictures were gone viral on social media because of that her village and house address was known.

A school teacher from District Mansehra’s Village told that Hareem Shah has brought shame to their village. People here are scared of taking her name so that people don’t get to know that she belongs to their village. While Hareem Shah’s family has no concern with Hareem’s popularity or dishonour. According to them Hareem Shah’s real name is Fiza Hussain. Hareem’s father is a guard in forestry department while her uncle is working as a peon in a school and her mother is a teacher in nearby school. Fiza was married to his cousin. This marriage was soon over and she got divorced. She has one daughter from that marriage. Earlier Hareem Shah said that If she will ever talk she will come up with proofs. Our pictures are being edited and we are being threatened. While giving interview to a tv channel she said that nobody should threaten us , we are not scared of these threats nor we have threatened anyone.

She committed that her friend released some videos that are not fake but social media allegations related to them are not real. TikTok star Hareem Shah said that who cares about these videos. You should ask those people to which these videos belong. These matters need not to be attached with PTI.

She said that as they are PTI workers so they make videos only with them. We were with Imran Khan and are with him today. My whole family is in PTI. Hareem Shah said that she is supporter of PTI and she is a big fan of Imran Khan. Social media talks on my name are fake. Lately Hareem Shah said that currently she is in Baku and has applied for Canadian visa.

Hareem Shah said that this is wrong that we are being threatened by prime minister Imran Khan. Many twitter, facebook and Instagram accounts on my name are fake. One day I will come to Pakistan but not now. In reply to one of the questions she said that their social media names are different from real ones. These names are just for fans. Who are Sandal Khattak and Hareem Shah and from where they have come? All these details are known now. Normally ladies are hesitant of showing their age in front of people but not in the case of Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak. They have been exposed when it comes to their age. Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak have secret content relating to the number of big personalities. Recently both leaked a video of Pakistan’s railway minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed which they recorded while talking to him on social media site. They are saying that they did not leak that video on social media. On social media Hareem’s and Sandal’s Id card and Passport pictures are getting viral . Information on those Id cards and passports are different from the one their social media fans have. TikTok star Sandal used her real name but Hareem used the fake one. According to viral information Sandal’s name is Sandal Shamim while her father’s name is Hazrat Ali. Sandal was born in Karak Tehsil named Panda Dadu Shah on September 5, 1996 and her age is just 23 years.

While her friend Hareem used her fake name on social media. Hareem’s real name is Fizza Hussain and her father’s name is Zarar Hussain Shah. She was born in district Mansehra region Sher Gharh Harhiala. Her age is 28 years. She celebrated her birthday two days ago. Details related to the education of both stars have not been confirmed yet. They have not given anything on information that got viral on social media however turning point came into this video matter when social media star Bhola Record uploaded Hareem’s pictures on social media and gave the message that Hareem leaks videos of others but now he will leak her video.

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