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Future Of Pakistan In 2020


Pakistan gained independence from both the British and Hindus. All administrivitive matters were handed over to India. We dealt with what happens to the most vulnerable. India has begun campaigning in many areas and one of the key areas was Kashmir. There was no justice in the division. There have been three wars on the subject of Kashmir. This is an issue that caused thousands of mothers to lose their sons. The Kashmir issue is still in the Un. This is the reflection of past.


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Corruption has devastated Pakistan. Every leader considered it his realm and no one was asking. Pakistan has external debt. For this reason, the public has to pay extra tax. In today’s life it is difficult for an average person. This government comes to power with many promises. But for a year, the public has not received any relief. Everything is twice as expensive.
Now we try to look at coming days of Pakistan. We will discuss a few things that can determine the future of nation. These are some of the things that will make Pakistan’s future better. We begin to imagine them all from this year.

Information Technology

Pakistan is rapidly developing information technology. You read in our previous article that Pakistan tested the first 5G technology in Asia. Pakistan has a lot of freelancers. In the coming days, Pakistan will be the hub of the world of information technology.


It is a fundamental right of the citizens of every country to see their favorite people in assembly. The very definition of democracy is that all the principles that make a common man. There has been a long period of dictatorship in Pakistan. Democracy is now established in Pakistan and gradually people are coming in to select representatives. It is now Pakistan’s third consecutive democratic government. And the same thing will lead Pakistan to further improvement and that is the guarantee of Pakistan’s development.

The Best Army in the World

People tried to associate the Army with politics. We will not count on Pakistan Army’s past achievements, but the Pakistan Air Force who performed against India in 2019 is commendable. This one incident has affected our impact in Asia.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The world knows all about Pakistan and China’s friendship. This Economic Corridor will change the history of Pakistan; it will be completed in coming years. China is investing billions of dollars in it. JF thunder is also being created with the help of China. You also read about this in our previous article.

Drama Industry

This year our drama industry has made a lot of progress and this year it will be even better. The main reason for this is that the drama industry reflects on our society. This industry will play an important role in the economy of Pakistan.

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