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Fun things to do over the weekend

During the week days there is always something or the other going on. The students are busy studying, the working people are busy in offices and on laptops, while the parents are busy taking care of their kids. On weekends there is definitely a well deserved break that each of them should take.

In Pakistan, here is what you should do over the happy weekend. We have got some great ideas for you!


Watch a movie

With the Pakistani movie industry blossoming, now it is time for some great movies to flourish. Which is why it is a great idea to watch movies over the weekend with your friends or family. You can enjoy a good movie and also some popcorn to go with it. happy weekend are made to relax and what other way to relax is there?you can watch movies from Netflix 

Go to the spa

You can visit the spa. There are also spas that let your spouse enter with you and you both can get a manicure or a pedicure, a facial or whatever there is that you two want as a beauty treatment.

Go bowling

You can go bowling and give your companion some tough competition. Go with one person or go with a group, it will truly be a whole lot of fun either ways. You will have an activity that you will enjoy physically and mentally both!

Eat out

Well eating out may sound like the most common outing but eating out is really fun and very entertaining if you make sure that you are in the right place. The right ambiance and hygienic food really matters. The company matters as well, therefore, make sure you are with someone with whom you love to talk.

Go to a baking class

Go to a baking class with a friend or with a partner and enjoy the basic skill. There are classes that only last for a day or for a few hours. You can have some fun there and also learn at the same time. Win-win situation for sure. And the happy weekend will also go by super fast.

Have a rooftop party

In this amazing weather, it is not difficult to guess that a rooftop party would be a hit. You can just simply call a few friends, light a bonfire and totally enjoy the night! A few songs and a few fun conversations. Just what you may be needing to make your weekend a success!

Go cycling

Did you know that you can rent cycles and then go cycling in a safe area of the city? This is something different that you definitely must try! We used to love cycling when we were kids and well there is still a child inside us that loves to go out once in a while on an adult cycle.


Go on a road trip!

Well, you can go on a road trip over the weekend if it is somewhere nearby. However, make sure it is beautiful as well at the same time. Do not just go because it is nearby! But this is enough time to make sure you visit an interesting site. For example, if you live in Lahore, you can go to Faisalabad over the weekend because it is close distance-wise.

Go shopping

Shopping can never be boring. It will be a fun activity for your weekend to feel productive and interesting at the same time. You will even get to visit the mall and you will enjoy the window shopping even if you do not buy anything as well, of course, shopping is not an easy task!

Meet the friend that you have been ignoring for a long time

In case you have been delaying a plan with a friend for the longest time, this is the best time to make it up to that person! Make sure you take the first step this time if that person has always taken the first step with you.

Go to a nice musical evening

How about a nice musical evening when you are not getting the right amount of me-time? Go to a nice place where you have some live music going on. Enjoy it with the weather.

Visit your grandparents to make their weekend

In case you have grandparents who are still talking and healthy, then be grateful to God and visit them as well to make their weekend sometimes. It will literally mean the world to them and you will not even realize it but they will know how good they will be feeling afterward. This is just how grandparents are! They love you so much!

However even though we gave you many ideas, let us tell you one thing, always being out and about is not everything. Sometimes you just want to rest it out and that is perfectly normal. It is not every weekend that you are feeling full of energy. Sometimes just being home and being with your close people or even your pets can make your weekend one of the best ones.

Therefore do not think it is always compulsory for you to be doing something when Friday arrives. Sometimes all you want to do is that to want to wind off. Winding off is more important than anything as your health is directly linked to it. So why not?

Some people have such hectic routines during the week that they do not get to rest at all. Beauty sleep is extremely important therefore sleeping over the weekend is also definitely a great plan to really busy people!

It is really about how comfortable are you spending your time the way you want to. Your time is literally money.

However, if you are super active and love being out and about during the happy weekend despite being exhausted, then we have given you some nice tips as to what you should be doing! So which activity will you do first during the coming weekend? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you!

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