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Four best soups to have these winters

We are obsessed with chai and we agree. But did we mention how obsessed we are with the health benefits of soup? We guess not! But yes we really are obsessed with the health benefits that soups provide. It is not just yummy for the tummy in fact it really is great for our health and one cannot deny that.

Here are four soups that we are obsessed with!


Creamy chicken and wild rice soup

We love this soup due to its creamy texture and due to some addition of rice that gives even a fuller feeling once you have gobble down two bowls of soup. Well bottom line, it is a rich creamy experience for the soup lovers!

Chicken Thai soup

Chicken thai soup is just the right treat to your tastebuds that are extra sensitive in winters due to the cozy weather. All we want to do is have some warm liquids and what can be better than soup itself. Thai soup has the right herbs that are healthy and at the same time they have clear soups that are even better for your throat issues! Fighting a cold? Grab onto some thai soup to beat that winter cold!

Hungarian mushroom soup

Who doesn’t love Hungarian mushroom soup especially when it is so fresh and newly made. Mushrooms are so delicious and especially when combined with other ingredients in soup, they taste like winter bliss! This soup is third on our list of best soups to try before winters end!

Broccoli and Parmesan chicken soup

Broccoli and Parmesan chicken soup will end up with you licking the soup off the bowl it is that delicious and different of a soup. Who does not adore Parmesan chickens taste. It is hell yum!


Here are the recipes of the soups that you can easily make at home. You do not even have to go anywhere to have them, you can simply make them at home and then cozy up in front of your television. How about that?

This is the recipe to the very special chicken Thai soup

This is the recipe for Hungarian mushroom soup

Creamy chicken and wild rice soups recipe is here to make your day!

Here is the recipe for the broccoli and parmesan chicken soup

Try out the recipes on by one and make sure you do not miss out on any of them.

As for the basics you will be loving hot n sour soup while you will be loving chicken corn soil and much more. Lentils with lemon also look and taste great in soup whole crab cream soup can also work wonders for you.

Soups are such a healthy replacement to tea and coffee if you want something warm. They do not feel heavy on the stomach and people often go on soup diets to lose weight because it is also a perfect dish for weight loss and people who want to stay thin.

However it depends on you as to how you make your soup. If you put a lot of fatty ingredients in your soup then it may also give you weight gain therefore you have to be careful.

However best of luck with trying out the recipes dear foodie lovers! This is your time to shine and make your families soup lovers too! Go for it. Meanwhile we will just see the photos and appreciate the beautiful soups. *wink wink*

Aleena Raheel

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