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Five roles we loved Kareena Kapoor in

Kareena Kapoor is no new name to a fashion obsessed person, that would be us! She is so hip and so chic. And she is an even better actress. When it comes to choosing our number one favourite, we almost always have one name. Kareena. *heart eyes*

She has not left a stone unturned. She has tried her hand at acting, at singing, at hosting shows and what not? And she still outdoes herself each time! Because she is that awesome after all.

Who can even guess that she is a 39 year old mom? It seems like yesterday that she made her debut. Seems like no time has passed at all. But well so many years of Kareena have passed in the film industry. She is now two decades old. Yet still just as interesting as never before! We love her oh so much.

Here are the top five roles that we just loved her in!

Kareena as Poo

This witty character of hers in kabhi khushi kabhi ghumm had us LOL-ing. That’s exactly when her acting skills totally started to shine and movie lovers started to notice her. She was one amazingly annoying girl in that film. Someone you would love to love!

Kareena as Geet

Kareena was unbeatable as Geet from Jab we met. She starred opposite her then boyfriend Shahid Kapoor and the chemistry was absolutely amazing. She was one hell of a funny and confident girl. And you must know the dialogue “main apni favourite hoon”. Well she is our favourite too!

Kareena as chameli

Kareena played the role of a call girl in the film chameli in which her name was chameli too. She was one beautiful sight to see in the movie! She touched upon the sensitive topic so beautifully S well. Kareena was offered kal ho na ho. But she rejected to movie so she could star in chameli instead. Even though kal ho na ho was a huge success, we bet kareena has no regrets!

Avantika in Kurbaan

Kareena truly let her emotional side out in kurbaan in which she starred opposite her real life beau Saif Ali Khan. Their chemistry was outstanding! She seemed oh so in love with him. Therefore the movie was so good to watch. Kareena at her most romantic! Nice or what!

We are drooling over that hair and over that fashion sense. Her hair is always on point, her clothes are always on point. And she is perfection!

Pooja in Tashan

Kareena looked so different in Tashan due to her immense weight loss. She looked like such a stunner. Earlier she had gained a little. However after watching Tashan we realized that she is back in the game. She is truly fitness goals. As she manages to stay fit despite even being a mom! How does she even get so much time? We wonder really!

Kareenas film good news has just released and has gotten great reviews. We bet her role in this one may be outstanding as well as she is hardly ever mediocre. She is a complete package of beauty and brains! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!




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