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Five foods that taste so good during rainy season

Rain rain please do not go away! This is our motto these days as we are enjoying the winter rain. As long as it does not get out of hand, we are totally loving it. It is a real blessing sometimes unless it does not turn into disastrous rain. Just this amount, is the right amount.

And when it rains then all we want to do is, grab on to some rainy weather friendly food. Here is a list that you may want to look up to during this season when you crave some rain worthy snacks.

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Pakoray are the classic ones. Pakoray come in all shapes and size. But we love them, from cheese pakora to paalak pakora to simple aloo pakoras. We adore them with some chatni during the rain.


Chai is really the ultimate drink. It is one of the best hot drinks to have in the rain. It wakes you up during the rainy weather when you really just want to cozy up and fall asleep so bad.

Keema wala naan

Keema naan are so yummy with raita. And even yummier during this weather. These keema naans would taste even better when they are served piping hot. And yes, definitely with some chai!

Dry Fruit

Dry fruit is definitely the better sort of food for your health and it compliments rain as well at the same time. We absolutely love this combination that is oh so perfect. Dry fruits include deliciousness such as pistachio, nuts, almonds etc.

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Soup will make you feel warmer instantly in the rain. You can sip some with your loved one and you will love the feel of the moment. It is so warm and it is so special in the right quantity, even though you always feel like going overboard with some soup.


Some grilled fish and some nice sauce with it. What a complete winter food it is. Close to perfection! Grill it or bbq it. You will either ways love it.

Cheese dip and fries

Try out some cheese dip and some fries and you will reach ultimate rain bliss. Try it to believe it! Hot french fries always taste good and a dip with it can make them go from 10 to 100 on a scale of 10.

Channa chaat

How about some channa chaat in this weather? Mix up some spices and you will be in for a spicy treat! Not just channa chaat, you can try paapri chaat, and so much more.

Orange juice

Orange juice is another great option. By that we mean some fresh orange juice, that tastes like health and happiness itself!

Nice salad

A nice salad is the perfect dish for this perfectly light weather. Some light food to go with it! Rainy weather does not attract heavy food at all that it too much for your stomach. Therefore our list only includes light foods.


How could we forget samosay while we are at it. In fact we love samosay just how we love pakoray! We often have them both together for a complete food session.

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So now we have given you so many choices that it may even be hard for you to decide which one you want. However all of them are so light and so perfect for a small drive amongst your loved ones.

Happy rain, dear readers! Enjoy this blessing and take care of your surroundings while you’re enjoying it. Take care till next time foodies!


Aleena Raheel

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