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Five different chais to try these winters

Brrrrrrrr….. yes exactly! We are freezing out here and all we need in our lives is some amazing CHAI! The concept of chai dhabba in Karachi is thriving however Lahore is still catching up onto the trend and it should definitely catch up soon.

Girls and boys in Karachi chill at the dhabbas for as long as they feel like. They have a nice environment there where they feel themselves.

In Lahore however the bbq trend is more. But people in winters are loving the feel of rooftop chai places that are selling hot karak tea! Tea is life after all. Who can live without it?

So which different types of chai do we want to be having?

Here is the list of it!

Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri chai is the pink wonder that we all adore. At every shaadi in winters you will get some great kashmiri chai. And who does not love it? It’s the heart of winter!

Chocolate Chai

Yes Cadbury chai is the talk of cold winters. Some hot chocolate chai makes you warm and fuzzy instantly! All you need is the right company and the right time. Night time is best for some chocolate chai and you can sleep better feeling warm and satisfied. Yummy!

Sauf Chai

Sauf chai is minty and leaves you with a great aftertaste in your mouth. Sauf chai refreshes you to the core that is why you can have it during the day or in the evening when you’re tired of working in the office or at home. Well chai all the way!

Masala Chai

Masala chai is one controversial chai as many people like it while many do not. Therefore it is a tough cookie to crack whether you will like it or not. But we highly recommend it to you tea addicts!

Vanilla Chai

Vanilla chai is also somewhat like chocolate chai but just with a different taste to it. You can however enjoy it the same way as enjoy chocolate chai which is of course also very warm and can make you feel fuller. It is like hot chocolate for the tea lovers. So yum!

Feasting at home

We absolutely adore these lovely different types of teas!

Tea wakes you up like no other drink. Coffee has too much caffeine therefore people often avoid it and switch to tea. Tea can also be mixed with coffee and it can form some amazing mixture that you would totally love to have!

Coffee and tea combined can be a treat for lovers of the two drinks. Yum yum!

Chai may have its cons too but it has pros such as making your digestion better, making headaches and nausea better, making body aches better, waking you up properly for the day and much more.

Some people are so addicted to chai that it makes them annoyed and agitated if they do not have it. Therefore make sure your addiction does not get out of hand while you think it is just harmless. Nothing is absolutely harmless when it becomes an addition. Therefore keep your habit healthy and do not overdo it at any stage in life.

Enjoy this weather with warm stuff so you do not end up falling sick, now that the weather is just about to end in some time. So best of luck to the ones who enjoy some late night chilling sessions!




Aleena Raheel

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