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Five countries where people live for longer

Well, as much as we get sick of our hectic routines, we still more often than not take time out to take care of our wellbeing because well everybody wants to live for the longest time. After all there is so much to do and such little time.

Time to move maybe? Because these five countries provide the longest lives to its people. Let us tell you which countries made it to the list!


World Health Organization (WHO) has reported statistics recently that Swiss men had the best life expectancy in the world, 81.3 years and Swiss women have expectancy of 85.3 years. Okay that is literally GREAT! Swiss chocolate is the best yes but their life expectancy is the best too.

They have amazing career opportunities alongside amazing living conditions. Who would not be totally happy there? Their living conditions are one of the best. The environment is clean and people are mostly less stressed in a place which is very much liveable.

Here have a look at the beauty that it offers!

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Spain is another happy place and the hip place to be! Spanish culture is really one of a kind and all of us have at some point in our lives wanted to move there!

Reported by WHO their life expectancy is 80.3. Lucky ones!

Their offices have better plans for employees and longer breaks. They are not forced to work till the point that they stop being productive at all and instead take more stress which causes health issues. Spain has got it sorted!

And of course it is a vision to the eyes! Their festivals are also a treat to attend if you go there at the right time. Ever heard of Tomatina festival? We are sure you have!

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The Japanese are number one on the global chart: they live for almost 84 years.

Their living conditions and food is also one of a kind. As healthy as ever! Japanese people are really ahead of their time and that is no surprise.

Japan is definitely worth a visit!



Singapore is everybody’s true love. A person who goes there once may not want to return from the perfect place!

While their men reach at least 79, their women often live till 84.

Singapore is a lovely tourist spot as well! You should definitely go there on your honeymoon and you will totally adore it. There is so much to do there and such little time for sure.


South Korea

The current years for South Korea are 83 years. They really make the most of those 83 years as they have a very organized routine every single day. They eat healthy and they spend their day very actively.

South Korea is known for their way of life. They have amazing skincare routines which even makes them look young and youthful no matter what their ages are.

It is also a must visit! You can go there with family or friends. You will love it.


At the end of the day your life expectancy really depends on the kind of life choices you make regarding your food choices, or whether you exercise much, or whether you hydrate yourself enough. Make sure you are not over stressing yourself and are in fact giving your mind and body some healthy quality time.

Travelling is another factor that reduces stress and gives you a healthy life therefore even if you cannot live in any of these places what you can do is that you can surely visit them one by one! Because why not?

Aleena Raheel

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