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What are the different styles of dance that help you lose weight?

Well weight loss can be quite a hassle to be honest. Some days you feel like you are really on the top of your game. Some days you feel like you are the last person who is going to lose all that weight. It is all about your dedication at the end of the day but even more important than that is your source of losing weight.

How are you planning on losing it in the first place? Is it through a specific diet, is it through a specific way of working out? That is what matters the most. The one aspect that will make you reach your goal weight!

A person can lose a whole lot of weight through dieting but they can lose a lot from different types of dances. Dancing is fun, it does not seem like you are working out. But at the same time you lose weight by dancing out on so much weight by doing something that you are passionate about DANCING!

What are the different types of dances that help you lose weight?

Here are a few different types of dances that help you lose weight by dancing.

Belly dance

Belly dancing helps you lose the extra pounds that you have hanging out of your tummy, arms, legs and so much more. A normal session will help you burn 300 calories. You need to just have one short session not even a very long one.


Salsa dancing can burn 420 calories in a very short session. There is no long session needed. Salsa is such a great dance type to do with your partner. Salsa helps you work your core and glutes.

Everyday health

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a way of life for the ones who want to shed the extra pounds! It is an easy form of dance that you can learn in no time. You can learn it once and it will help you for life.


You can do this dance on any type of pace of music and it will help you lose weight. It is interesting and many people are passionate about learning it.


Ballet classes are given from a very younger age to students. Ballet is something that we need to learn from a young age. The techniques required are challenging. But it helps you with body flexibility and also with losing a whole lot of weight. Yay!


You can lose 8 pounds a month if you count your calories as well and then do zumba. Zumba is one of the good dance forms that help you lose so much of weight. So many people give these classes and so many online classes are available. Therefore, get hooked to Zumba right away!

Indian classical dance 

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Indian classical dance is something that makes you feel less stressed and at the same time you will also shed the extra pounds. Whether you do the dance at home or with a group of people it has the same kind of effects. It is a very elegant and delicate form of dancing. Therefore it will help you become more and more poised alongside making you shed the extra pounds.

Normal any kind of freestyle

If you do not want to experiment with certain types then you can simply just go for any kind of normal freestyle dance that you would just do in your room. You can also ask a friend or your better half to join you once in a while.

Cha Cha

Cha Cha has a way of slimming you down sooner than soon and the right way to do is to shake your entire body. Your arms, your legs, and your stomach all get the right kind of shake with it. This type of dance is for the fun loving people who like to have a good laugh while dancing the night away.

African Dancing 

African dancing can make you feel as active as soon as possible. It will hype you up and you will  be feeling fresh and active throughout the day. African dance will make you feel empowered and so comfortable about your body. You will be confident that losing weight is a matter that is just a few days away!

Is dancing better than walking?

Dancing is yes any day better than walking. Dancing makes you lose more weight however walking is a way of life and is much easier to execute therefore walking is also a good choice. However if you have enough time to dance during the day and have a good session at that, then why not?

Because 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45kilogram) of fat, it’s estimated that you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. So how about you get yourself to dancing every day? Put on music and enjoy!


If you love to enjoy and music and if you are person who loves get togethers with friends then you may just be using the extra weight without even realizing because even dancing at weddings or a night out can be considered to be  a great work!

Dancing is a form of art which should definitely be added to your life. It makes you feel like you are doing something in life that is creative and artistic. It makes you tired in a good way and definitely helps you sleep better. You sleep knowing that you have done something productive for your mind and body during the day.

What are the multiple benefits of dancing?

Now that we have told you the different ways of how you can manage to lose weight from dancing. Let us tell you a few other benefits as well of dancing.

  • Increased motor fitness
  • lose weight by dancing
  • You feel fit mentally
  • Your muscles feel toned and better
  • You lose weight of course as mentioned above
  • Your bones become stronge and better and there is less risk of osteoporosis.
  • Your body feels coordinated in every way
  • The condition of your heart and lungs can become better

This is the correct way to be feeling better about yourself. Dancing can make you happy and is great for your mental health as it makes you feel less depressed and better in every single way.

Mental health these days can be improved if there is activity in your life physically and mentally both. Dance is one aspect of art that proves that physical and mental stimulation is possible at the same time!

There have been experiments that have happened that showed the women who took dance tutorials improved the health of their minds and felt that their mind was in a better place. The good feeling of happiness lasted for upto 8 months after the dance tutorials ended.

You can be really good at dancing. The pros can guide you with it. Get a good dance teacher for yourself. You just have to be super confident about your body, feel your body move while dancing and also make sure that you are doing the best to shake all parts of your body and not just taking food breaks in the middle! You have to count your calories for sure only then will you be feeling the difference otherwise there will be no as such difference if you eat on it! Best of luck.

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