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Did you know that a chocolate massage exists?

Who does not absolutely crave for a nice massage? Our busy lives exhaust us to the core, and that is when the satisfaction of a good massage when totally freshen us up. A luxury glamping village in Slovenia is the best place to be for a chocolate lover, we kid you not! A chocolate village, can you even imagine? It exists now! And it is called ‘Chocolate Village By The River’.

The inspiration comes from the royalty that chocolate is. It is the number one choice when it comes to gifts and it is the number one choice when it comes to desserts. I mean who does not adore chocolates? A diabetic maybe, but they also want to sneak one or two once in a while into their mouths!

Visiting the village would make you feel like everything there is chocolate-themed. Much to the satisfaction of various visitors, there also exists a chocolate massage in the village. The “Chocolate Massage” is a total relaxation time with you and chocolate and contains so many of therapeutic factors.

The village also has a Finnish sauna, an outdoor firebox, a tea area and an on-site swimming pool.

Check out their website in case you are planning a trip to a unique place soon:

What health benefits does a chocolate massage have?

Before you wonder why a chocolate massage even exists, let us tell you it actually has multiple benefits. It is definitely more filling as a different experience, for people who like trying new things. It is surely a stress reliever. There is so much more to it. It is anti ageing which means it will make you look youthful for a long long time. Well we wonder why it is not so common because it is amazingly good for the human skin.

It contains properties that are good for making your skin softer and for improving its texture if you may have noticed when you accidentally drop chocolate on yourself it makes your skin soft when you remove it. Does it or does it not?

source: Bali resort day spa

Hopefully one day, it may find it’s way into Pakistan soon! Pakistan is also making it’s way to making its spa experiences so good with time. Spas in all the cities of Pakistan are so brilliantly executed. They are gaining popularity over time and making a name for themselves, all thanks to their talented owners and lovely staff.

Aleena Raheel

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