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Did Sidharth Shukla really deserve to win bigg boss winner 2020?

bigg boss winner 2020 ended yesterday and left an emptiness in so many hearts! So many people followed the show and loved it. The show was the favourite pastime of so many people who wanted to wind off after a long day. The timing of the show was also perfect as many people were back from work by then and kids were asleep so mothers could also tune in.

With all the great content on the show, the show gained so much TRP that it became the most watched show on Colors TV. This is why the show was given an extra extension as it made sure that the show keeps going and people keep loving it

The show consisted of many celebrity contestants who were staying in the same house. The one who was able to win the hearts of the public would be the winner because he would be getting the most votes!

The contests included two great personalities Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz.

bigg boss winner 2020
Bollywood bigg boss winner 2020

As it is know by everyone, Asim and Siddharth were the best of friends until of course they had a fight and next that happened was that they were no more on talking terms.

The two went from being best friends to being the worst foe. There was a much more worst side to their hatred for each other as extreme as their love for one another earlier! This is how it is.

Their fights were so frequent that the viewers were soon starting to get sick of it. It was a matter that was not solved no matter what even though so many people were involved and they were trying to get them to come to terms with another but always backed off at the wrong time.

Fast forward it to now and people are now sure ot the fact that seeing the journey, there was only one person who was worth the trophy. And that person is just Asim Riaz. The only person who has played the game being the real him! He has not been focused on anything else other than the trophy. He has showed romance, tact and so much more in his journey.

However people are horrified at the fact that Sidharth Shukla has turned out to be the winner even though he did not deserve to be one clearly.

Sidharth has been verbally abusive and even physically abusive to the point that he pinned his girl down and he was not joking, it was all done in very serious context.

He has also been the one who has made sure he bullies people in the house and during tasks. He was always the one with the attitude that made sure that he was mocking everyone. The viewers should clearly not be seeing someone so entitled to be feeling like a winner. And someone as nice as Asim, feeling like the loser.

But clearly for the viewers there has been a winner that is Asim Riaz. The public is making sure they clear out that bigg boss winner 2020 has been unfair and that they are not willing to buy this that the real winner is Sidharth. People believe the show was biased since the start and that they played a dirty game in choosing the winner.

According to a video that went viral, it was said that the show was biased and a woman who claimed to be recording the video in the control room said that she was in fact in the control room when it was announced that the votes were equal but Sidharth was still made to win.

Hmm. We wonder if this is true! We guess it is because why would someone make such a huge statement and where would this girl get the video from?

What else was wrong with Sidharth Shukla?

Sidharth always had a double personality. He was always shown to be polite over the weekends however during the weekdays he was super into himself and agressive with all the others. The only person he was nice with was none other than his lady love Shehnaz, however a mentioned above there were instances when he was not even nice to her, like for example, the physical abuse.

Sidharth was also in the news because ex Big Boss winner Shilpa Shinde spoke about how she was dating Sidharth and he had in fact been physically abusive with her so many times. He had even tried pushing her out of the car and was in fact not very careful around her as he had been violent with her multiple times.

There is only so much that one can do to justify people like these. How can the channel promote someone who has been accused of physical assault earlier? Domestic abuse issues are so major these days! This is an actual problem that needs to be dealt with properly.

Asim on the other hand is just a 26 year old model who has nothing that does not go in his favour. He is sweet he is nice looking he has respect for his lady and he is always trying to put her above everyone else therefore there is all the more reason to be choosing him other than choosing someone who clearly has lots of violent baggage with him.

Winners are mostly role models and nobody wants a role model like this one. Or do we want anybody to have such a role model? Of course not!

All over social media everyone just saw people writing about Asim then how come Sidharth emerged at the top? Umm shady!

Some people have even come to the point where they are saying that apparently Asim lost because all of the signal towers in Muslim dominated areas were put off. Well this could be true as even in today’s day and age these things do happen as this is one major problem of the countries that are not so great to their minorities yet!

Could it be that Asim was not put on the front foot because he is a minority? There are chances to that! That really could be the case. These days many people are more focused on religious factors despite the fact that Asim was bringing fame to their country and their culture but somehow maybe they still cared about the factor that he was not Hindu.

Well, people love you Asim! They love you so much and people are even crying for you!

Nobody is willing to accept this decision and everyone is sure that Asim will be getting even more opportunities in life. He will be flourishing so well. This is the prediction of people who have seen his talent closely than ever. They have seen that the guy is capable of reaching new heights over time even though he is so young right now.

People are also saying how Asim has won because he has won over Himanshi! That is true. However Sidharth won Shehnaz and the trophy therefore people are very much focused on this unfairness.

Asim Riaz, you are a true winner and you will be remembered for your fair game and for your passion to win. You will be in our hearts for sure.

Aleena Raheel

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