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Dia Mirza dealt with a stalker this way

Badgeringassault and corrosive assaults are a few wrongdoings that the nation is managing with nowadays. And tragically, a larger part of the ladies have gone through such intolerable wrongdoings. Talking at an occasion sorted out by a charity organization, Dia Mirza opened around how she dealt with a person who stalked her during more youthful days.

You’re being stalked when an individual over and over observestakes after or bothers you, making you feel anxious or hazardous. A stalker is usually someone you can already know, a stranger, or some lover from the past, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to stalkers.

Dia had faced the issue when she was living in Hyderabad. She described how she asked the person what his name was. That way the person had no response, he felt embarrassed and then he simply stopped annoying her.

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Safety is not just a law and order issue, it is much more, with its long and firm roots in the mindsets and play of patriarchy. The manifestations of violence can take as horrific a turn as rape. It renders me speechless to hear how young children also fall prey to most heinous of violence and violations. No human rights issue can be solved without addressing gender justice and equality. If half of the population is hugely disadvantaged one way or another, how will India ever be a superpower? This is not just a ‘WOMAN’S Problem, this is a SOCIAL problem, it’s an unfolding tragedy and an everlasting nightmare. This is why being Artist Ambassador to Save The Children India gives me pride and joy. Their Wings report of 2018 and the amazing work they do year round in partnership with ngo’s and gov is inspiring! DYK 1 out of 3 women feel the fear of sexual violence and harassment in public spaces? All public spaces should have proper functional lighting. A review of existing facilities must be undertaken to identify the dark spots. No sustainable development goal can be achieved if our women and children and not safe. #SDG5 #SustainableDevelopmentGoals Swipe left to see the amazing people that were a part of this important panel discussion 🙏🏻 🧡 A special shoutout to our Child Champion Latifa Sheikh 🐯 @savethechildren_india @weareyuvaa @iitbombay_abhyuday @pinthecreep @inbreakthrough @anandntiwari @tanejamainhoon #Tuesday #TuesdayMotivation

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However that is one way of dealing but some stalkers are more persistent therefore such a question may not mean anything to them at all.

She said it leaves her stunned to listen to how youthful kids too fall victim to most shocking of viciousness and beyond pathetic behaviours.

Well it is really true even in this day and age when people are stalked and girls are even catcalled on the streets. These obsessions can often turn into obsessive ones and leave long-lasting marks for the family of the victims, and more importantly the victims themselves. No one else knows what kind of a feeling a victim gets other than the victim themselves. What a horrible feeling it must be we can only wonder.

The previously very famous performing artist has been voicing her conclusions time and once more on things of open intrigue. The actress will be following seen in Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad. She was last seen in Sanju in which she played the role of Sanjay Dutts current wife and she looked amazing, better than ever. Her acting is still so on point.

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Dia Mirza declared her different paths from Sahil Sangha after a long time of harmony while they were married for five whole years. We stay companions and will proceed to be there for each other with cherish and regardWhereas our ventures may lead us down diverse ways, we are until the end of time thankful for the bond that we share with each other, is basically what Dia said about her separation with her beau.

However coming back to the topic of stalking, one ought to never disregard or be anxious of detailing or calling out a harasser. There’s no disgrace in doing so. It engages us with the capacity to address the issue and more frequently than not information demonstrates that it makes a huge contrast. The badgering could halt.

This is a good initiative by Dia that she took the step and talked about stalking. This is something that influential people should discuss more often as this could really have a good effect on the public opinion. Around in recent times, Indian Parliament made alterations to the Indian Correctional Code, presenting stalking as an activity that could make you end up in jail with charges.

Illustrations of stalking incorporate spying, ringing up unnecessarily and harassing you on other platforms. If you or someone you know is being stalked, you should seek help ASAP. Contact the police or someone you trust.




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