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Australian Muslims prayed for rain in Bush Fire Crisis


A bunch of Muslim worshippers in Australia prayed together in a park. They have come together on bush fire crisis in Adelaide Australia. More than 60 men, women and children gathered at Bonython park in Adelaide on sunday. They in their prayers asked for rain to come down on struggling Australian farmers and victims of bushfires.
Priest Patrick from the centre for Christian and Muslim relations joined the worshipers for prayers. Christian Priest Patrick said that “Today I joined my Muslim sisters and brothers in Adelaide in prayer for rain”. He also said that “My friend professor Muhammad Abdullah gave the sermon emphasizing repentance and reliance on God who is merciful provider”.
The service comes a day after pilot Dick Lang, 78 and his 48 yearsold son, Calyton a surgeon were killed in bushfires on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia.

The pair got trapped when they fought out the blaze. They were returning to their family when fire caught them.

They said that they are feeling very sad to have lost two beloved members of their family. Their family said in a statement that their youngest son Calyton Lang and his brother Dick Lang are in very bad situation.
South Australian premier Steven Marshal said that the news of bushfire incident is very sad and a tragic one. He also added that their hearts and souls are with the families affected in this bushfire incident.
This is a very dangerous situation on Kangaroo Island. People are very much aware and they do listen to the alerts given to them. There are huge property and animal losses as well because of this severe bushfire incident apart from people that got killed. More than 500 million animals have been killed courtesy the bushfire incident in Australia.
There are chances of more damage to the properties, animals and human beings. Infrastructure and tourism is badly damaged in Australia because of this devastating incident.
About 500 firefighters will continue their battle to overcome the fire over the weekend. Fire in Kangaroo Island is burning since late December and became more severe during hot and windy conditions in Australia, as currently summer is going on in that part of the world.
At one stage conditions became so worse that Australian government issued a warning to the people living nearby places. The government advised that only the towns of Kingscote and Penneshaw on the east coast are the safe places to live.
By Saturday morning the whole situation eased a bit as weather became little cooler as compared to what it was at the first place. Cool weather provided an opportunity for fire fighters and other crew to work in an easier way.
However Chief Officer Mark Jones said that more than 160000 hectares got black due to this bushfire incident in Kangaroo Island. He also added that the fire will continue to burn for coming few days.

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