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A timeline of PIA and its controversies after air hostess gets caught smuggling gold

This is not the first time that an air hostess of PIA has tried doing something shady. An air hostess has been caught trying to smuggle gold from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal airport. The airport is known for its great security. The airports security made sure that the lady gets suspended without any further ado.

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Earlier the airline has come under scrutiny many times. There are so many controversies involved with the airline that people have now started wondering whether they should travel in it or not.

People are very much surprised with their services as PIA was one of the top airlines of Pakistan but in recent times their standards are going down big time. They have been landing themselves into controversies and people are generally complaining about their way of dealing with the passengers. The food is often said to be not edible. There was a case where the food was so bad a passenger could not eat it.

Apart from their services, they have been caught with heroin on the plane. This became a big issue as investigators tried questioning the staff for five hours but in vain as nothing came out of the questioning. Also that, PIA was often linked to helping out with cases of money laundering and much more.

PIA has also been in the news for telling its overweight crew to lose weight in order to remain being a part of the team otherwise they can simply be grounded. A weight check was going to go all over the place and certain weight was supposed to acceptable with a certain height. This was a case of body shaming that irked many people as people failed to find logic in this. Body shaming is these days a topic that makes people lose their minds instantly as nobody likes to tolerate it. PIA majorly offended people.

This is not the first time that they have hired staff that has made headlines in a negative way. They had earlier hired airhostesses who were found with gold. Multiple nose pins were found in her possession. PIA still somehow manages to hire staff that always gets in the way of its reputation.

Earlier, two of PIA’s catering trucks even went missing when the airline had to bear the loss of so much lost food that had to be made again.

Then a PIA daycare worker was seen abusing children and causing havoc through her actions. As soon as one controversy finds it’s way out, another one finds it’s way in. This is how the controversial airline makes headlines at all times.

In recent times it was also reported that PIA has pilots who have not even passed matriculation. They have been flying planes but do not have a basic certificate.

At least fifty members of the staff were suspended for not providing documents and PIA felt they had corrected their staff by doing so. 402 verifications of the staff were pending.

Earlier there was also a video that had been released which had a passengers and crew arguing. After watching this, PIA set new rules that had to be followed.

The customers had fought with the crew due to their negligence. The crew had put off the air conditioning and literally kept the passengers hostages. The passengers were horrified that little children were on the plane and they were kept in such humidity. The flight that was between Lahore and Paris had people highly irked with PIA.

A pilot of PIA had also let Imran Khan ex wife Reham Khan sit in the cockpit. This sent people into a frenzy thinking how unsafe this could have been. Why allow common people into the cockpit when there is no point of doing that?

PIA had also earlier taken extra people on the flight to Saudi Arabia they had made seven extra people stand in the aisles and took them despite the flight being completely full. This could have caused major issues in the flight in case there was a need for evacuation. This was an extremely unsafe measure taken by PIA, according to aviation experts. PIA spokesman Danyal Gillani had said at that time that the topic is under scrutiny and the matter will be checked upon. The need for oxygen could have had a horrible effect on certain passengers on the plane. This was a decision that could have turned real horrible at some point in time.

A Chinese woman also stirred controversy when the pilot invited her inside and she spent two hours in the cockpit. Two hours is a long time to be inside a cockpit and people were annoyed with the fact that how can safety be kept later while the pilots invitation seemed completely abnormal. A man made a video of the chinese woman who seemed to be feeling awkward due to the Pakistani man filming her and asking her questions. He was asking her whether she was a friend or relative of the pilot because she was coming out of his cockpit after the flight had landed.

PIA again came under scrutiny when it hired the same pilot again who had been fired due to having no educational certificate. However do we agree that educational certifications are no guarantee of you being a talented or non talented individual but this is a criteria that certainly had to be met.

Believe it or not there is still another controversy left which is so far the most interesting one. PIA air hostess somehow managed to escape in Canada as she went missing while on duty with PIA! This was a complete shock for Pakistanis as this really made the image of Pakistanis go down due to the fact that a Pakistani had chosen this route to disappear in Canada. The woman was earlier also involved with phone smuggling and after the help of her people she slipped away in Canada and disappeared. She was found to be living there with a friend. Wait what?? PIA really has got some stories!

PIA then sacrificed a baby goat to better their services. Well why sacrifice a poor goat when basically what you have to do is fix the standard of your airline and hire your staff with some proper recce?

There are various other airlines in Pakistan. But rarely have we gotten so many controversies from one airline. There are controversies no doubt but none have gotten as bad as this! For sure! These are the most controversies from one airline. Pakistan’s image matters the most and PIA represents us. So we hope it raises its standards back to the best again!

What would you like to add in the stories? If you have any experience of your own that you would like to tell you can surely share it and we would love to hear it from you! Our comments section is waiting for you.



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