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A school in Afghanistan Named after illiterate Dad


In Afghanistan, a proud father whose name is Mia Khan takes his daughters to school everyday. This is the only school in the nearby area where he takes his daughters daily. Mia Khan is suffering from heart diaease but still his efforts as a father of daughters are massive.

The Afghanistan government titled him ” The hero of education”. Afghan government said that a new school will be built in Mia Khan’s village to pay tribute to his matchless efforts and commitment to the education of his daughters. Everyday the illiterate villager walked his daughters 12 kilometers to the nearby school to support their education.

Mia Khan’s age is 63 and he lives in Paktika province in Afghanistan. His daily efforts of taking his daughters to the only girls’ school in the area went viral on social media platforms. People on social media saluted Mia Khan and appreciated him on his efforts. Mia Khan hopes that one day his daughters would become docotors and will serve their country.

On thursday the Afghan education minister said that ” The school will be built in the honor of 63 years old Mia Khan, calling him as the hero of esucation. The school will be named after him for his matchless efforts. He has devoted himself for his daughters’ education”.

On Wednesday morning Balkhi invited the daughters’ father to his office and described his efforts as an inspiration to thousands of other people living in the country and especially to the people who live in remote areas where there are not enough facilities available. He said that Khan has overcomed big obstacles to make his daughters’ education a possibility.

The proud father who daily takes his daughters 12km to school on a motorcycle is a real hero. Not only he takes them to school but also he waits for them outside the school for four hours till their classes end. Mia Khan wants his daughters to become a doctor.

Mia Khan , who is suffering from a heart disease said that most often he travels to school with his daughters by foot. He occasionaly used a motorcycle.

Well, in Afghanistan according to the United Nations reports the girls’ education is a big issue. More than 60 percent of the girls in Afghanistan are illiterate. The Afghan government is struggling to provide esucational facilities in remote areas. The government states that they don’t have enough funds to open new schools .

Ramsha Munawwar

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