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A remote Irish island will pay you to live there and manage a cafe

There must be multiple times in a day when you would want to get away from your monotonous routine so badly. You would want to catch a plane and fly away to a remote place. Well, this seems like a dream come true for all those dreamers! An Irish island will pay you to live on the island and manage a cafe there.

A remote island in Ireland called The Great Blasket Island, has come up with an offer many people would not want to refuse. They are looking for a couple or two people who are willing to run a cafe there. The island’s official Twitter account posted a tweet that read, “A unique position required — looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends,” and people are astonished at the offer.

Well, the island does look super peaceful and breathtaking. What a treat for the common man! Accommodation and food will be provided for the two people, which makes the offer better than ever.

On the island only three cabins allow visitors, out of the five cabins that are available there. In any case, these cabins have no power or hot showers. But there’s one little wind turbine which can be utilized to charge portable phones or portable workstations. The clothing will be taken from the island, washed and returned to the particular employees.

source: Forbes

This is not the first time such a unique job offer has appeared on the news. Earlier, another unique chance had made it to the news. An island which was located on the remote Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli) off the coast of Wales, offered a couple the chance to take care of it and earn a living of 24k dollars!

This may be somebody’s dream but a total nightmare for a tech-savvy person who is used to living through the news provided through wifi of the world. People these days cannot manage without technology for even a day. For three months, we wonder who can survive without the internet. This will be fun to see!

Aleena Raheel

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