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A hilarious video of Queen Elizabeth is doing internet rounds

Harry and Meghan have been the talk of the WORLD! The reason is evident. They have walked out of royalty, you can say, literally glided out of royalty and the reason being that they need a normal life. Well, all we have to say is, AWWW. Who does not want a normal life? Well we are hoping this turns out to be great for them!

Meanwhile a video has come out of queen Elizabeth which is dubbed and makes her sound like a punjabi mother in law. Well LOL! It is beyond hilarious. And we love it.

Here have a look at it yourself and you will know why we are holding our stomachs while laughing out loud right now!

She can be heard saying how she had told Diana at first that she was not fond of Harry from the first sight. She also later said that even Diana was better than this “bay-nasli”. Well, oops.

This is just how desi mothers talk when they believe their son is being taken away by their “bahu”. Here is the irony, this is really not just a thing of the east, things like these happen in the west too when couples want to be separate but mothers feel upset over it!

The video makes her seem like the mother in laws who talk against their daughter in laws no matter what, or especially when the son moves out. The dubbed video is only dubbed in good humour and does not depict any malicousness. But some daughter in laws world over are relating to it while some mother in laws are relating to it.

The queen can also be heard saying how now Harry does not care what work he will do, he just wants to be in Canada with Meghan! Well wow.

For those of you who do not know, Meghan and Harry posted on their Instagram that they will not be a part of the royal family in the United kingdom anymore. In fact they will be moving to Canada instead and will be focusing on their charity missions instead.

These are not the first royals to step down. Previously there has been such a case as well and especially Harry’s own mother princess Dianna faced the same issue with the royal family where she felt tied down. She later passed away in a car accident in Paris. She was no longer with Harry’s father at the time.

People are reacting in such a funny way they are all shaken!

Whoever did this is a true genius! People are speechless after seeing it and the video has gone completely viral because oh well it is really one of a kind!


People are also appreciating the sense of humour of punjabi people. After all punjabi people do have the best sense of humour. They are totally in sync to their funny side!

They are people who care less worry less and laugh more. And here we go, now a punjabi has made us laugh so much that we are falling off the chair!

Life can be hectic sometimes and adding some humour to your life can be extremely healthy for you at times like these when life is so busy.

Let us know in the comments what you thought of the video. We would love to hear your feedback!

Aleena Raheel

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